Why We Love Our Dogs

Ruddy Adam’s guest blog.

Pictures for Your Brain’s Delight, and a Question Regarding Dogs, Psychopaths, and Narcissists

Question: “Thank you for the study that told us why we love our dog so much. Very good info, dear bro. The two men we believe are psychopaths do not have dogs, or any kind of pets. Are we clear that psychopaths don’t own dogs? What about narcissists? We would appreciate your answer, and thank you ahead of time.” F. & JL, FL

Answer: Psychopaths range from hating animals to simply not understanding the relationship that God put between the animal kingdom and humans. They therefore do not own dogs. Neither will you see them watching any shows about animals, or enjoying pictures of animals. Their brains just will not compute in that area.

If psychopaths have a dog you will find there is an ulterior motive for so doing. For instance, it’s their way of trying to fit into society and look normal. Remember, they are copiers; they can’t understand the things normal humans do. So they can only observe and do the same things themselves.

Psychopaths are very observant, and would notice that people with dogs get attention and get the chance to talk to a lot of people because of their dogs. Women are very often drawn to men with dogs. They trust them. And that’s what psychopaths must have of others: their trust. Otherwise, they can’t manipulate them and screw them.

So perhaps a psychopath with a dog has figured out that dogs in particular are an opening into new relationships they may help them to get in with someone to use for some reason to get what they want or to bilk them out of something. Whatever the reason, it’s not a good one. It’s definitely not for the sake of having the pleasure of owning a dog.

Narcissists on the other hand may have a dog. It’s according to how deep their narcissism is. If they are first class narcissists they wouldn’t be able to take a dog getting any of the attention they may get from others, and they would be too self-centered to put out the effort to give a dog the attention they need. That type of narcissist wants all of the attention all of the time, and they would definitely be close to psychopathic. They would love only themselves, and could not have a relationship with any kind of pet. You will find among the traits of this type of narcissist that long list of broken relationships that this type of narcissist always has.

But I do know and/or have known several narcissists who have dogs now or ones who have had them, as the case may be. One of them left a dog that loved her at the drop of a hat to go off grab herself a barrel full of attention. She is the closest of the lot to having enough Psychopathic Traits to be tagged as one, but not quite so.

I can at this time name six narcissists who own dogs, but most narcissists do not and will not own one.

Remember too, the thing about low degree narcissists who are not psychopaths is that they are attention, admiration, and affirmation seekers first and foremost. They are not malicious people out to get you. They can, however, be stingy and tight, because they are self-centered. You won’t find one donating anything to help others. And it’s an absolute that they are going to take more out of a relationship than they’re going to give. But they’re not going to try to scam you.

One of our best friends, dear and late Mood, was a narcissist, who had to have attention and admiration. We went out with him and his wife more than anyone else in our lives, and we had a great time with them. But we knew that no matter what else we did over the outing we had to pet Mood. He needed it, and he had to have it.

He loved music, he loved food, he could drink without getting drunk, and he would go anywhere we wanted to go, just as long as he got his attention and admiration. We once screwed up and had him with another narcissist, whom we had no idea was one until that evening. It was a disaster. Mood hated him. Two narcissists will never get along, unless one is very domineering and the other very passive. It just won’t happen.

So, for your sake, be sure never to put two together.

Mood loved dogs. He just didn’t have time for them. They would have been too much trouble for him to have had one, though he did have one when he was young that he talked about all the time; and he truly loved our pups.

But he was one of the most meticulously honest humans I’ve ever known. No possible way for him to have been a psychopath. Mood got screwed; he never screwed a soul. Mood was tight and stingy about some things, but he would help someone in need in an instant.

We would all do well to remember that all psychopaths have been narcissists, but not all narcissists have been psychopaths.

But all narcissists lust for attention, admiration, and affirmation to one degree or the other, and if you know one and want to deal with him/her, you are going to have to put up with that fact.

Ruddy Adam


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