Sugar Waxing

Excerpt from a new ebook in the making.

It will be titled ‘Sugar Waxing’ and

it will belong to a new series,

going by the name of ‘Love Letters with Bob.’

There are so many admirers of this fur. I like the idea of admiring it. Don was never repelled by my hairs down there, or anywhere else. This never obliged me to go in high-maintenance mode, to shorten or remove it. On occasions, upon fan requests, for various situations or needs, I trimmed. And this was all about it.

Trimming my bush with the nail scissors.

Nicely, using the nail scissors, carefully, I tried to collect as many pubic hairs as possible. It seems not much to me.

After the trimming, watching the clock and seeing that I’ve got enough time, I moved to the kitchen, to prepare the caramel. Youtube is such a great friend whenever I need to document myself on do-it-yourself operations. Seems that watching a couple of sugar ball videos is not enough. Or am I a hasty person?

What happened is that I had to double the preparation time because there’s something I’ve missed with the proportions (it happens). When the quantity of sugar is too small, the time will extend. Perhaps it’s not the same if using cane sugar or beet sugar. Dunno. What I only know is that the caramel I’ve got was soft and thin, and honey-like.

I even burnt my leg with a hot drop of it. Even if knowing, even if being warned about the boiling bursts. Not news for me. I make jams for winter and it bursts the same way. I know how to protect myself and how to keep the jars from cracking. And still yesterday I got myself burnt. Why? Because I’m too hasty? Or because my mind wants to be in a thousand places at the same time? Because it seems to me that I must do everything at once? Or because I cannot focus a hundred percent on the thing that I’m doing? Carpe diem! Not always suiting me.

Shredding a t-shirt, I decided that it’s time to commence the operation. […] –this month on Amazon, read about my first experience with sugar ball Brazilian waxing, about the ins and outs of this challenge and about going there and back again, just for the sake of the journey.

Enjoy your freedom with an open mind!

5 thoughts on “Sugar Waxing

  1. So enjoy seeing you wearing the beautiful natural bush bikini. The smooth naked look is also very sexy on you. Either way you are still my favorite sweet flower in your garden.
    Have a great nude weekend sweet goddess

  2. Love you either way Darling Doris.😊 We prefer the smooth look. Easier to keep managed and nicer when “playing”. 😈πŸ”₯πŸ’‹ Jan&Gary❀️

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