Panties Steal

With all this renovation frenzy around me, I have to dig through old forsaken drawers, cabinets, garage corners, etc. Unraveling memories brings nostalgia. Getting rid of old stuff earns hesitation.

While wondering, I get mail. I find out that sandals, panties, bras are in demand. Nothing like what ‘in demand’ means for the industries and markets of mainstream. Rather like what ‘on demand’ means to you when digging up a film, or an episode, on the internet. The particular industry calls this ‘content on demand’ but sandals, panties and bras are something else than content, they are more than leather and cotton. More than memories or fabric.

Panty steal

They become little charms, first noticed in pictures and videos, then imagined and desired. For the scent and the touch, it turns out, I decided to stop tossing them to the trash bin. The white cotton panties that you can see in these striped pics, the same that you may watch in the high resolution photos on – are the very same that I’ve pulled up on my pussy this morning at 6:23am; will wear them for twenty-four hours before placing them in a sealed container.

Used panties sell

Tomorrow morning, I’ll get myself ready for the next pair of used cotton panties that I’m about to wear the next 24 hours, and so on for the most part of the coming week.

I’ll post them all to the delight of Franz.
On demand scent, flavor, touch.

Used white cotton panties

Franz gave me the idea to sell these tiny memories online. I’m considering it because I wish to keep the ‘on demand’ attribute, because it is you, the reader, the watcher, the desirer, who is supposed to play the active part in this trade: you ask and I respond.

The merrier your questions and verses, the wetter and spottier my panties for you.

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