Sold My Bra

Sold my go-to-town bra.

Now that I’ve sold my easy going bra, the one that served me when in town, I have two options: i. to buy a new one or ii. to skip the wearing-a-bra idea altogether. Sure, the sane way to go is somewhere in the middle.

Until then, wishing you a #toplesstuesday, totally!!

2 thoughts on “Sold My Bra

  1. Wanting a special bra for trips in town shows what a classy woman you are. But I say why hide such beauty under heavy copywriter wear a sheer nylon bra or go without your body is like fine artwork to be admired.
    have a wonderful topless day

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    1. Hi Bill, I’m late on replying because of so many things happening with the construction site in the backyard.
      The hot days of summer use to be a good motivator for going topless.
      Wished the process would be smoother and with less second thoughts.
      Good that I’m considering it 🙂
      Doris ❤


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