Sunday Morning

This morning, after gulping my enzymes, after shaking Don to gulp his, I wished to cuddle and he was game. This game, especially in the mornings, blooms to lovely sex. He closed the bedroom door, turned the key in. I tossed my pajamas to a corner of the mattress. He didn’t because he sleeps naked. Then he continued to cuddle me, I welcomed him in. Slowly, nicely, gently. Sensing his dry sweat, like a breeze, while he was licking my armpit. Tickling. After a long while, I asked him out and we went Dutch. The best sixty-nines, for me, are those where my comfort comes first – where I lie on my back. Three times, his tongue and fingers brought me to climax. Still, all the tension accumulated in my head. I couldn’t release. It was great but not over. So I asked him to knead my inner thighs with both his hands. In less than a minute I screamed, literally. Then I slapped my mouth – the twins were sleeping in their rooms. ‘Like logs’ – said Don to my worries. I kept panting. Never mind.

When coming downstairs to get breakfast ready, I find Bob’s mail on the laptop.

Hi Doris.

I am happy to hear your construction work is moving along.
I know that can be very stressful with the time it takes to get everything done.
I am sure your home will be very lovely when everything is finished.

I hope your summer has gone on well otherwise.
I have heard it has been a hot one in Europe.
We had a hot one here last year.
This year it has been mostly a colder than normal summer, but they are talking about a very hot autumn.
We will just have to wait, and see if it happens that way.
We have also had more rain than normal.

I don’t wish to get too personal here, but I have been wondering how the Sugar Waxing experience has been for you?
Has Don liked it?
When I saw you with the shaved pussy for the first time, I saw a wonderful beauty.
It was a beauty you had been hiding with all your pubic hair.
You truly have a very beautiful pussy.
With all the hair it is like you use it as a cover.
I know you love your hair.
I too love it, but I sometimes think of it like a fur coat.
A fur to keep you warm in winters cold.
As the days of summer come, the fur coat is needed no more.

I can understand with all the construction work, and your twins there has been little time for photo sessions.
I do however look forward to all the new posts, and those summer wax photos as well.
I just know how beautiful you are in all the things you do.
Hairy, or bare the beauty is always there.

Enjoy the rest of these summer days.
You deserve the best weather possible to let the sunshine caress your loveliness.
Take care Doris.
All my best to you and Don.
Thank you again for being wonderful friends.

Yes, Bob, the sugar waxing proved to be an excellent idea. I have no complains and see no big difference when making love. Sure, when I’ll get a day without stress, then I’d wish to boil more caramel for waxing. Until then, I’m offering you, and the public, a few photos that I ordered my Fotomann the minute I finished reading your mail.

It was an impulse. To show my morning pussy, two weeks after the sugar waxing, a couple of minutes after four stellar orgasms.

See the entire photo set shot this very morning on

See the bruise on my knee? It’s from a bike accident, the other Sunday. My first bike accident.

More like these on

To chase stress away, I keep making love and photos. To run away from stress, I keep biking.

All love and wish you have a Happy Sunday!!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Morning

  1. My Dear Doris.

    You look so lovely in these photographs.
    I hope all your followers see the beauty I see in these pictures.
    I am also happy you had that lovely time with Don before they were taken.
    That smile on your face shows the love, and happiness you were feeling in these moments.
    I again thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful experience for you.
    I am sure when all the stressful time is over you will make more carmel.
    You can find many places to use it.
    Not just for the public area, but for legs and arms as well.
    Anywhere you need to remove unwanted hair.
    Take care, and all my love to both you, and Don.
    You are very special people, and wonderful friends.
    Hugs, and Kisses.

    1. You are right, Bob – caramel waxing can be swiftly used for removing any hair on any part of the body.
      Thank you for the idea and for being such a true friend.
      All love!!
      Doris ❀ ❀ ❀ XOXO

  2. Lovely segment, our lovely lady.πŸ‘πŸ’‹ Wonderful pics, too. Made our Sunday. Jan&GaryπŸ˜˜πŸ’‹β€οΈ

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