Yesterday we had our 29th Anniversary. I took him with me to church – not before taking this selfie.

29 + 1 Anniversary selfie.

Then, after coming back home, he handles the new Canon to one of our daughters to shoot ‘real pics’ with us.

Another daughter arrives home with a bottle of champagne: Happy Anniversary!

All family reunited, we have lunch, then watch our wedding tape from 1988.

I cry a bit, at times.

The kids wonder how comes people had no phones, but everyone was sliding a cigarette out of the pocket. ‘Lighters were like iPhones back in the 80s,’ says their father.

I didn’t smoke then, I don’t smoke now. I keep consistent, I like doing this.

In secret, I order pizza – this is one of the fetishes of my teenage son. Everyone acclaims in positive surprise. The pizza delivery guy seems, as well, very pleased – by my tip.

After the burning sun has set, taking away with him the 40+ Celsius degrees (104 Fahrenheit), Don takes me to town. Where we listen to a music band. He orders one more pizza – too cheesy for us both to finish. Yet a great idea, and sidewalk terrace, to shelter us from the torrential rain. Then he buys me ice cream – which we eat on the empty and wet streets under a still hot summer night.

The extra cheese in the pizza, the taste of sugar in the lemonade, the fructose in the sugar-free ice cream – all of these make me wonder why are people poisoning themselves to celebrate something lovely.

Coming back home, we find all our four kids playing Monopoly – the twins missed this occasion on Silvester night because both their big sisters were out with their lovers. Good that they seize the moment.

Watching Game of Thrones, Spoils of War (this Sunday’s episode), impressed by the thrill, I find myself confessing to Don, behind the backs of my kids who minded their Monopoly game a couple of meters away from us, that “I feel like Daenerys with all her children around her.”

He tells me that he wishes I won’t ask for sex this night because the extra cheesy pizza weighs too heavy against his system. I reassure him that my system is as squeezed as his. There are foods that inhibit one’s sex desire.

I go to sleep right after the movie.

Before five o’clock in the morning, I get up to prepare one of the kids for her bus to the city. I get back near Don shortly.

The overflowing gutters awaken him right before six. I keep moving my hand from his hip to his – yes – morning glory. Wow, memories from the morning of August 7, 1988 evoke sensations, emotions, a bit of pain. I find myself correlating them with the impeccable wood that I hold in my hand. I allow my mind to process and compare the moments of now and then.

I close the door to our bedroom before taking off my pajamas. Looking into his sleepy eyes, I begin to ride the erection. He seems to enjoy it. When going Dutch, I wonder what if my teeth won’t get even more inclined because of his pounding. I don’t know. It’s not always this large.

29 + 1 = marriage and dating.

4 thoughts on “29+1

  1. You are such a beautiful couple so happy to be friends with you…..wishing you all the happiness and love together for many years to come and hope for our continued friendship.
    Hugs to both of you my beautiful friends

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