Swiss Movie

Anna from Swiss Movie got in contact with me, asking permission to publish a compilation out of eight of my videos. I remember Anna from the summer of 2014, when I opened my own account on Vimeo – removed by them in October that year for terms violations, etc.

So glad that Anna has surprised me, very pleasantly, with these two compilations.
Thank you, Anna!!

DORIS DAWN – MATURE MODEL part 1 – Swiss Movie

DORIS DAWN – MATURE MODEL part 2 – Swiss Movie

Another great resource of erotica on Vimeo is Luca Priori – check it out!

2 thoughts on “Swiss Movie

  1. Love them will save to watch over over…….you said after 24 years you did them for the money but I see it as a labor of love between the two of you. Hubby wants the world to know the wife at home is probably the sweetest lady you know enjoy her beauty and the praise we give you makes you want to please him even more. Shame my wife won’t pose or let me post her beauty. What I get from our friendship makes me look at her natural beauty a new adventure to enjoy everyday.
    Thank you for being such good friends

    1. Dear Bill,

      You are perfectly right when noting that there is much more than money involved with posting my nude photos on the net. The main reason I let hubby do this was my understanding to follow a behavioral therapy in order to balance my burn out syndrome from raising the 4 kids, coupled with my panic attacks back in 2012. Posing naked and posting nudes on the net helped me a great deal, making me more confident in myself and giving me a ‘hobby’ that pairs so well with my love for gardening. These photos told me that I am more than a slaving aging mother.

      Couple of months later, shortly after seeing the positive feedback, I asked Don if he was sharing them for free. He said yes. No Dear! I told him to share them for some reasonable fee. This is also a neat way to establish a filter, to raise a fence, between my most intimate moments (I won’t use male talk for these, at least for now), and the free for all access to anything out there.

      Good fences make for good neighbors, and for good friends too. Isn’t it?

      All love to you,
      P.S. Why don’t you try showing our dialogue to your wife? Try stirring her competitive spirit a bit! Because competition is good. ❀

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