Spirit Level

Today is one month since I trimmed and sugar waxed my bush. I picked this quiet morning of Saturday, with no construction workers on site, to pose for you and show you how silky and cute my new tiny bush is.

For the sake of concealing, I took the liberty to use some of their props. The spirit level seemed a good choice to me.

Spirit level – see the 38 explicit high res pics on CougarBunnies.com

4 thoughts on “Spirit Level

  1. My Darling Doris,

    Even though it is my life-long fantasy, I have been unable to view your magnificent photos. No matter how hard I try. I cannot bring together my desires, needs and wants. So, I am destine to worship you from afar. Please forgive me for not being the kind of admirer you can respect.


    1. Dear Thomas,

      Because you write me so tender words and send me so gentle thoughts, I respect you more than you can imagine.
      I remember from times you were using to write me poetry. Times of yore.

      Therefore, I just emailed you a token of appreciation.
      Your friend,
      Doris ❀ ❀ ❀

  2. Love your smooth trmmed look, Lovely Lady!πŸ”₯😘
    Wish we could be there to help you with that level…naturally.❀️

    Jan&Gary ❀️❀️

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