Fleecing the Poor Flocks

A new insightful post by our guest blogger Ruddy Adam.

One of the Biggest Lying, Conning, Thieving Rats of All Time is Back at It: Fleecing the Poor Flocks Who Have No Idea What This Creep Is

I may begin to believe in miracles happening again after seeing this. But it is not the right side performing any miracles, if they were being performed—and they certainly are not. But it’s got to be a satanic miracle (to exaggerate to make a point) that any sane human would listen to this psychopathic monster.

No, it’s not a miracle. It’s merely a very aggressive and experienced psychopath at work, doing the only thing he can do to survive: con, lie, and take advantage of prey who have no idea about him.

Those of you who have been around as long as six months know better than to listen to a popeyed prick like this. You never believe anything that comes out of that sewer he calls a mouth, because it’s slimy goo that clogs your brain so as to keep you from thinking logically.

Here is one of the lyingist, conningist, thievingist rats of all the TV preachers, and by gee-co-misery that’s saying something. Having been caught once fleecing the poor flocks, he’s nevertheless at it again, using the same old phony lines he used back in the `70s to con pitiful souls into sending him money: “God told me! He sent me to protect you!”

Yep, “God told” this creep of all creeps things that He would not tell His Divine Couriers (Paul and Yohn and Luke and Yuda), some of the most God-loved men ever to grace the soil of this old earth. I imagine He forgot to inform them of a prophecy that we all needed to know in the last days of this age, and of course just had to tell an obvious psychopath so he could warn us—and of course so he could sell us junk food at a hundred times its value. Not that he would put a cent in his own kick! Ohhh nooo!

God hasn’t spoken to this creep or any other TV preacher or anybody else in the way they claim He speaks to them. Remember this finite fact: If anyone tells you that God spoke to them, they’re either liars or they’re psychotically ill or psychopathic liars, and possibly all three! Don’t even listen to the first word they speak. Move on! Run! Get out! Go far away! If you can’t get away, put your thumbs in your ears until you can, and don’t take them out unless you want them stuffed with roach turds, because that’s what you’re going to get—an ear full of roach turds.

During this age, the Lord speaks through His Logos, Which the Lord represented when He walked the earth and spoke to His people; and This is now written down for our benefit, and called by the Divine Couriers, the Scriptures, or simply, Scripture. What these freaks of nature say and claim will pull you away from the faith, from any truth whatever; and this is not good for you or anyone around you.

Notice below the Divine Courier Paul’s warning, teaching, and advice for his pupil, Timothy.

II Timothy 3.14-17

Paul Teaching Timothy How He is to Remain Rooted in the Faith

14. But you, Timothy, remain in union with what you learned and became convinced of, having known from whom you learned Those Things, and having known from an infant that you have understood the Sacred Scriptures!

15. For They are able to make you wise toward salvation through faith in Khrist Yasu.

16. Every Scripture is God-breathed and beneficial

for the purpose of divine instruction,

for the purpose of mental correction,

for the purpose of spiritual improvement,

for the purpose of training in right-thinking toward Khrist,

17. in order that the man serving the Ever-Living will be able to meet all demands, thoroughly equipped for the purpose of every worthwhile activity.

After we grind our nails to powder digging into the original languages that the Scriptures were written in, then the Separated Spirit, of Which we have a partial deposit of at this time—guides us mentally in such a discreet way that we cannot realize when that Spirit is working in us . The full infilling with the Separated Spirit does not come until the Antikhrist’s parousia. Those who are here at that time, and have the Seven Seals in their minds, will have full power granted to them.

The Method of Operation is Standard Pattern Used by Psychopaths

Psychopaths are not innovative creatures. As a rule, they stick to the same method of operation over and over, with only slight modifications.

But they’re going to use the same initial sales pitch every time, as in this case: “God told me to warn you. I am here as God’s servant, because He wants you protected from the impending doom that will come upon the earth.” In other words, God sent ME AS HIS SAVIOR TO PROTECT YOU, AND ONLY I KNOW WHAT IS COMING, AND ONLY I KNOW HOW TO PROTECT YOU. Now, give me your money!

As in the case of many parasitic psychopaths, it’s “Here is your route to wealth and riches.” Or, in the case of parasitic psychopaths that prey on lonely widows (men or women), single women or men, recently traumatized divorcees (male or female), or elderly folks, they sell themselves as the perfect human being, one who cares not for themselves, only the welfare of the intended mark.

The first thing psychopaths must do to deceive us is to get us to trust them, to have confidence in them. After that, they have us—and it’s a damned difficult deal to get away from them, too. I know this from experience, and so do several of you. But in this case, we’re speaking of our souls, which these TV monsters can only sully with deceit, never anything worthwhile. Dump—run!!! is the rule!! Along with, Thumbs in the ears!!!

Look this over, and you’ll see the same MO from 40-years ago. Same type of female sitting there with her neck all tightened, hair all puffed up, and staring at the Master Con-Man as if he himself is god. Oh, he’s probably learned not to be quite as flashy as before, but you can bet anything you want to, because the gold faucets, Rolls Royces, gaudy jewellery, and all else that goes with that type of deformed brain, is coming.


What we see happening with Bakker and other TV preaching con-artists does indeed fulfill Scripture, in many places, in fact.

This one is my favorite to remind myself of when I see this sort of skullduggery taking place, and when I see that their predictions never come true and when I see the people continuing to run to the phony seers, because they know not where to find the truth, because we are in the Fourth Seal, which we have named, “No Truth,” and that is a time period that will last until the Lord’s Chosen are delivered before Satan to testify the truth for Him to the whole civilized world.

And this is Yasu’s desire that there is no truth, because our people will not go to Him for the truth; and that is the only place It can be found, because He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life. Praise Yasu!! The King and Ruler and Creator of the entire universe and all else for the ageless ages.

Mikah 3.1-12: (Mikah speaking for the Eternal, about 620 BC)

1. And I exclaim to you, Yasreal:

Now, listen, Yakob’s Leaders and Legislators in the House of Yasreal!

“Is it not for you to recognize Justice?

2. Hating good and loving evil, you rip the skin off my people and tear their flesh from their bones, and then you gorge yourselves with both flesh and skin!

3. Stripping their skin off them and breaking their bones, you process them like meat for a frying pan—like flesh for a boiling pot!

4. In time they will call to the Ever-Living for help, but He will not answer them! Indeed, He will hide His face from them in that time, just as they have turned theirs from Him in exchange for their corrupt practices.

5. Thus says the Ever-Living concerning the preachers who lead My people astray, who gnash their teeth together and proclaim this to those who feed them: ‘Everything is fine!’ But whoever does not give to them to keep their mouths full, they consecrate war against them.

6. Therefore, preachers, because you mislead My people, the sun shall go down upon you, night shall be upon you, and darkness shall surround you! You shall have no insight, and you shall not be able to predict anything!

7. And the seers among you shall be shamed, and the forecasters shall be confused—and all of them shall cover their mouths, for they have received no message from the Ever-Living!”

8. But as for me, Mikah, I am full of the Spirit and power supplied by the Ever-Living, and He gives me a sense of justice and the courage to declare to Yakob about his rebellion against the Ever-Living and to Yasreal about his sin.

9. Now listen to this, Leaders of Yakob’s House and Legislators of the House of Yasreal, who abhor justice and pervert what is right—

10. who build Zion by shedding blood, and Yarusalem by injustice:

11. Her leaders make their decisions for a bribe—Her priests teach only for profit—

Her preachers predict only for money—

Yet they all say they lean upon the Ever-Living, claiming:

“The Ever-Living is among us! No evil will come upon us!”

12. Therefore, because of you preachers, Zion shall be plowed like a field—And Yarusalem shall become a pile of ruins—

And the mountain supporting the temple shall become desolate.

“They can’t hear or see me, I’m invisible.” Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash


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