Seeking Spiritual Worshipers

New spiritual blog post from Ruddy Adam. Enjoy!

The Lord Seeking Spiritual Worshipers and the Baptism of the Spirit and Fire

In a recent email, Wah wrote:

“Yasu Khrist is a spiritual God seeking spiritual worshippers.”

My Comment: Ah ha! Perfect to bring up. That’s always one to remind each other of. Surely we all need that thought stuck in our minds, because that has not been occurring for most of the last couple of thousand years. Very, very few worship the Lord spiritually today. And how can they worship in truth, when the Logos is truth, and they don’t even take It as authoritative Scripture, and rarely study It?

Good Scriptures to recall. And also the baptism of fire and the Spirit. Thanks Wahley. You’re a real jewel! It’s nice to have someone “throw” in a few Scriptures in their emails. It’s rare, though, let me tell ya!

Let’s touch on them for an instant or two. Okey dokey?

Matthew 3.11 The Lord Shall Baptize with the Separated Spirit and Fire

I (Yohn) certainly baptize you with water for a change of mind. But there is One coming after me Who is more powerful than I, Whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He shall baptize you with the Separated Spirit and with fire.”

We all know that the Lord did not burn anyone, and He did not bring fire down upon anyone. He drenched them first with the Message and then later on sent the Spirit, and has given us a partial down payment of the Spirit. His Message is truth, and fire represents that truth; and that fire will one day burn and destroy a lot of creatures, but It soothes those of us who accept It as truth, because the Lord’s Message is truth—and It is salve for our souls, the only lasting salve.

Luke explains further, when Yohn answered another group more thoroughly, regarding whether he himself was the expected Savior.

Baptism of the Separated Spirit and fire:

Luke 3.16-17

16. Yohn answered the soldiers and the people in respect to whether he was the Khrist or not:I certainly baptize you with water—but One more powerful than I is coming, Whose sandal strap I am not worthy of untying. He shall baptize you with the Separated Spirit and fire.

17. His winnowing-fan will be in His hand, and He shall thoroughly clean out His threshing floor, and then shall gather the wheat into His barn—but the chaff He shall scorch with unquenchable fire.”

Luke 3.16 declares and predicts.

Luke 3.17 explains. (Note that in Isaiah 4.1-6, in mention of this time period, the Lord puts the canopy back over the world, so as to protect us from the weather. No more storms, sun burns, lightening, or damnable snow and ice! Burrrrrrrrrrr! Bah!! No more burning fires. No more negatives. See below.)

The “chaff” in Luke 3.17 is the same as the “tares” in Matthew 13. See what happens to the “tares” in Matthew 3.30 when they are gathered. Well here it is. I just happen to have it.

Matthew 13.30 The Lord Speaking to His Students, Who Would Become the Couriers Carrying His Message

30. Allow both the wheat and the tares to grow together until the harvest (the Lord’s Parousia). Then at the time of the harvest, I shall say to the reapers, ‘First, gather the tares and bind them into bundles to burn. But gather the wheat into my granary.’

The Lord did not do any of these things Yohn or Luke mention when He walked the earth the first time—but at His Parousia, he will do these things and more—all for our benefit. Glory be that Day!!

See Isaiah 4.1-4 where the Lord finally cleanses all His people of their filth (those who deserted Him and worshiped the AntiKhrist), by means of a “spirit of judgment and fire,” the latter being, of course, His Message Which is truth. Never fear, now!! Judgment is a wonderful thing for those who trust in Khrist, and so is fire, because His truth warms our souls and gives us that special peace that only the Ever-Living can give.

Most interestingly of this Passage in Isaiah, see vv. 5-6 where He replaces the canopy that was once over the entire earth (His glorious creation), making it a perfect paradise to live in. But do read all six verses of Isaiah 4.

Isaiah 4.5-6

5. Then the Ever-Living shall create over all of Mount Zion and over all those whom He has gathered there a cloud of smoke by day and a glowing flame of fire by night.

6. Over all His glory (the entire creation!!!) will be a canopy. By day, the canopy will be a shelter and shade from heat and a refuge and protecting shelter from storms and downpours.

The canopy will again make the earth somewhat like a temperature-controlled greenhouse, and there will be no more nights, only days. No more seas or waters above the earth, for He will raise the land over the seas and sink the mountains that are on dry land, all of which the waters will then be under, the earth again being watered by the many underground springs that are still there today. At that time there will be no more tears, sorrow, or suffering. The earth will be as the Lord intended it to be at the time of the creation: a perfect paradise in every way imaginable.

Is that not something to look forward to??

John 4.22-24: God Seeks Spiritual Worshipers

22. You (those outside of the Yuda line, the Ten Tribes) worship what you do not understand. We worship what we understand. For salvation originates from the Yudaites. For at this time salvation is for the Yudaites.

23. But a time is coming—indeed it is here now!—when the true worshipers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth. For truly those are the type of people the Father seeks to worship Him.

24. The Ever-Living is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.

Yes, indeed, the Divine Couriers did worship the Lord in spirit and truth. But that did not last very long, because as Paul warned us in Acts 20.29, that after the Couriers died out, vicious wolves would enter among the Believers and would take over after the Couriers were gone; and that they would pervert the Khrist Message and pull the Believers away from the true God—Yasu Khrist.

This Paul said in the following vv. that he had warned His Converts about for three years, steadfastly so in tears and a state of desperation, but afterwards He would turn them over to the Message, Which was the only thing that could protect them. Few, however, have listened to Paul’s (and the other Couriers’ and Yasu’s) warnings and stride headlong into trouble, something that Solomon tells us wise people prepare for and duck.

But in the last days before His Parousia, there will be a tiny few who worship Him in spirit and truth. Let us hope that we are among those who do so.

Photo by Sweet Ice Cream Photography on Unsplash

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