September, the Summer Before

I love September dearly, for a few reasons more than being my month of birth. Perhaps I love it so much because of that old fetish of mine about going back to school. About ME going back to ‘some’ school.

My current September project is about keeping a close eye on a bunch of construction workers. Sort of a new and younger bunch. The slender types that climb on roofs like cats, hammers at hand.

The stressful side is keeping their hours, monitoring the materials, struggling to understand the woodworks and watching for their leader and his laissez faire attitude – not at all comfortable for the one who pays.

Did I mention the rainy days? How about rainy nights? I cried last night, eyes on the window, until I decided to read an article about killing stress. So I could get some sleep.

When I bring them coffee in the mornings, their furtive looks make me feel like the teacher entering class at a trade school. Flattering as it seems, I wish this ordeal behind me, for a few reasons more than September being a rainy month.

Otherwise, enjoy the summer I had before this September. The ‘Lavender’ birthday present I gave to my Fotomann.

‘Lavender’ -When turning 50, what’s the best birthday present? For hubby, it turns out to be this special lavender treatment. Although I get my fair share too! I make love to him in the garden, shortly before noon, surrounded by lavender, riding his face (his wish) but also his private parts, and swapping that handy camera from hand to hand, between us, while pushing each other beyond orgasms, across the succulent moments of squirting and ejaculation. This is the way we’re making love in the garden, with flowers and so much appetite. And sweat! Him turning 50 was just another pretext. We don’t need to wait for a birthday. Romance has no age, needs no events, but each other, every day.

The flowery photos.

September, the summer before.

The fashionista fetish parody pics. And few others that don’t involve this dragging construction site.

2 thoughts on “September, the Summer Before

  1. 50 is just a number no matter the age for either of you. You will always be the prettiest sweetest flower in the garden Don will want to enjoy. Love to see and enjoy such a beautiful garden.
    Happy birthday my sweet friend hope the day of your birth is so beautiful and you receive all the sweet pleasures you want and deserve.
    Don give my favorite flower in your garden a sweet birthday hug and kiss for me

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