Skills of Seduction

One of my daughters has a tattoo. I hate it. I hate the generational gap. A gap or a chasm? When I was young, I liked to believe that there was no huge discrepancy between my way and the way of my parents.

An illusion. Wishful thinking, I confused their inability to resist, their lack of words, their fear of confrontation, with a tacit acceptance. Honestly, I knew what I was doing and I am confident today that I’ve made the right choices back in the ’80s and the ’90s.

My parents often said to me that “you do whatever you want, anyway” and this is true, whether I paid attention to their unspoken doubts or not.

Thirty years later, I find myself in their shoes. And let me tell you that the feeling is not good. Pondering the emotional against the rational, I have to admit: “let my kids do whatever they want to do.” Why didn’t I pronounce this statement three years ago? Why did I mind about having some control over my kids’ choices? Why did I wish for my way instead of theirs? There’s a library brimming with tomes in Vienna about this matter.

I want to get together with my tattooed daughter, to listen to her and navigate an archipelago of shattered dreams and wasted hopes. Maybe we could reach a desert island where to dry our feet next to a steaming cup of coffee.

I don’t know. I just want peace, because justice goes way above my league.

For you, the reader enduring my venting, I’ve got a little present, coming straight out of the beautiful islands of the Adriatic Sea, right from atop the picturesque rocks of the Croatian shores.

Kristina Gallo has a new book for you. Young or old, child or parent, lady or gent, this book gives you a balanced insight over what it takes to make your own way in this fast-moving society. The author points out that the skills of seduction transcend generations, they are here from the dawns of history and will stay as long as the sun will shade its shine upon the surface of this planet. Actually, it’s not about seduction but about our personal talents in exploiting this natural resource.

The best skills of seducing for every woman – by Kristina Gallo.

Skills of Seduction.


2 thoughts on “Skills of Seduction

  1. My sweet friend I will listen to your venting all day long. We are the last generation to enjoy the simple life. Your daughter grew up in a generation that progressed too fast without enjoying the simple pleasures. As far as the tattoos if she is as beautiful as you why destroy such beautiful artwork as your body. I don’t like it but to them it is a statement we may never understand. Now as far as peace goes I like the deserted island with my beautiful lady holding my hand and you or your hubby in the pretender naked or clothed toes in the sand and water enjoying a beautiful sunrise or sunset. The beautiful moments of friendship and peace that is what is lacking in life and we need to get back to.
    Have a wonderful day dreaming of your peaceful island
    Hugs my beautiful friends

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