Red Earth

A new insightful post from our guest blogger Ruddy Adam.

The New Body Khristians Receive at Death

Wahley Wah Wah wrote: “(The seed is planted dead and has to sprout.) True again and simply stated! Makes one ponder it!!”

Comment: Ah yes, it is something to ponder. Let’s do it.

Note: Where you find an asterisk beside a word in a verse, you will find that word or phrase below the verse with a short study on it.

In I Korinthians 15.36-37, Paul is teaching about the Resurrection from the dead and our future body in the Hereafter, and he uses this parallel analogy: “The seed you sow in your garden cannot sprout life unless it dies first. So the seed you sow is not the body that it will become, but on the contrary, it starts out as a raw kernel, perhaps wheat or some other grain.”

Paul’s analogy is simple, by his condescending to us so that we may understand what occurs at our physical death in the flesh: Our earthly body (the terrestrial) the Lord has planted here on earth, and it must die before it truly becomes alive when we are made up of our new, permanent body (the celestial one). To the Lord, death in the flesh produces life—eternal life for those who love Him.

Paul goes on to say, Each body has its own glory, as the sun has its glory and the moon has its glory, but the two are different. But to receive the greatest of all, the celestial (the heavenly), the terrestrial body must first die, after which we receive our new, eternal body. I myself am looking forward to that new body.

Paul finishes his teaching by saying, Thus it is with the Resurrection from the dead. The terrestrial (the earthly body) has been sown in dishonor, in corruption, a body derived from nature (the red dirt), but thank the Ever-Living that it is raised just the opposite: A spiritual body—one that cannot decay, become sick, or die.

As the Lord’s great Courier Paul says, this decaying body (the perishable) must be clothed with a non-decaying body (an imperishable one); and then shall be brought to pass what is written in Isaiah 25.8: “Death has been swallowed by Victory.” (the word “victory” is put for what Yasu Khrist has accomplished for us by allowing Himself to be murdered on the Cross: a permanent win over death).

Paul emphasizes throughout I Korinthians chapter 15 that the natural body (the one the Creator created out of the red earth) comes first—then the spiritual (the body we receive at death). Although it is not truly a negative in the sense that we think of something as negative, a body that is in a constant state of decay (as ours is) and that eventually perishes is certainly a negative when compared to one that cannot decay and cannot die (as our afterlife one will be). In the Scriptures it is a fact that the negative always comes first.

What about the forming of the Adamic man from the red earth? The early translators refused to translate the phrase that means “red earth” in that manner, because they had never seen any red dirt. They did not trust the Scriptures, as they should have (as was the case in many places). And so, the average Khristian has no idea that the Lord created His people from ground that Moses tells us was red in color.

See here what Moses writes.

Genesis 2.7: The One Specific Adamic Man Formed by the Ever-Living Creator During the 8th Period of the Reforming of Mankind and the Earth (At least 6000-Years before Khrist)

7. Then the Ever-Living Creator formed the one specific Adamic man out of dirt from the red earth. And then He blew into his nostrils a living spirit. And so, *this Adamic man became a renewed creature.

*this Adamic man (Genesis 2.7): The phrase definitely informs us that there was another Adamic man, one in fact created before this Adamic man was formed. Note the difference in the verbs used: the first one is created; the second one is formed.

Genesis 1.26-28: The First Adamic Race Created During the 6th Period of the Reforming of Mankind and the Earth (At least 7000-Years before Khrist)

26. And the Creator said: *”Let us make an Adamic race in our image, in our likeness. And let them rule over the fish in the sea, and over the birds in the sky, and over the livestock, and over all the earth, and over every creature that moves on the earth.”

27. So the Creator created this specific Adamic race in His Own image; in the image of the Creator He created them. He created them male and female.

God’s Order to the 1st Adamic Man to Replenish the Earth

28. Then the Creator blessed them, and He said to them: “Be fruitful and increase in number and refill the earth, and *dominate the earth. And rule over the fish in the sea and over the birds in the skies and over every living creature that moves on the earth.”

*”Let us make an Adamic race in our image, in our likeness.” (Genesis 1.26): The two plurals (“us” and “our”) have confused many people, but the Lord is merely speaking to His Heavenly Administration in the Upper-Level. He uses a similar plural in Isaiah 6.8 in speaking for His Divine Administration that is with Him in the Upper-Level.

The Lord Speaking of His Heavenly Administration in the Plural

Isaiah 6.8: Then Isaiah heard the Lord’s voice, saying, “Whom shall I send? Who will go for us?”

*dominate the earth (Genesis 1.28): This verb means to take control of it, and take what you want from it. This is exactly contrary to what the eco-maniacs desire—who worship the earth and want to limit the use of its almost limitless resources in fear of harming their creator.

There are many places on earth where the earth is red. My favorite is here, because it’s in the Middle East, and is clearly about the reddest land one can find; and it is beautiful.

Wadi Rum desert. Photo by Wilson Szeto on Unsplash

Thank you Wah for continuing to stir this conversation.

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