Oktober, Erotik, Romantik

I arrive to write a blog, yuppie! I’ll make it short. Promise!! 

This summer, Model Centro – the host of CougarBunnies.com – launched a new feature: the Store! I have some videos on sale up there. Years ago, Clips4Sale opened as a full blown fetish videos shop. I have some more videos over there too.

This Oktober, William sent word that the Southern Charm who has the most new memberships from October 1st to October 31st, will win a handsome prize. And because I’ve won the September contest – with the instrumental help of hubby and his wordsmithery – you can imagine that I’ll do ‘everything’ to win October too.

Well, not ‘everything’ but enough to get you excited. Here’s the deal!

You go to my Southern Charms site and subscribe as a NEW MEMBER – if you’re already a seasoned member, you can use another hat or call your friends, neighbors, buddies, etc. Did you know that I post at least 100 new exclusive photos every day – uhm, every working day because weekends are no publishing days.

Then you send me an email, so I can verify. Your reward will be one of my Erotik, Romantik, Krazy, Sukkulent, Klitastikk videos!! Yes, I’ll give it to you for free!! One video per each new membership to my Southern Charms site.


Here go the links: my Southern Charms site where you need to subscribe; my Clips4Sale site and my Model Centro Store where you pick up your present.

This Oktober has an Erotik flavor, a Romantik air! I love it. Mwuaahh!!

Erotik, Romantik Oktober – watch my videos for free, here’s the deal!

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