Beth Hart

New post by Ruddy Adam.

Fellow Music Lovers:

Thank you all so much for the many positive comments about Beth. She is good—real good!! She’s also multi-talented beyond belief. The girl plays, writes, and sings. I like her because you can’t pin her down, because she has several different singing methods—and does them all well.

You see rock, you see blues, you see soul, you see alternative, you see metal. I see and hear Tori Amos, Bonnie Tyler, and as noted earlier, Janis Joplin, her musical idol, whom she says she pays tribute to with at least a line or two in every song (the way she sings and phrases them). Having been a junk head herself, I’m sure she relates at that level.

Some of Beth’s lines are nothing short of gut-grabbing. “Seventeen and I’m all messed up inside. I cut myself just to feel alive. I leave the light on. Twenty-one—on the run, on the run, on the run from myself, from myself, from myself, and everyone. I leave the light on.”

“Hello, hello, are you in there, child? Leave that party dress and your suicidal smile.” Each of her songs has the type of lines that just tear at you, because you know this is where this child has been—and at times, still is. Her lyrics take you right down into the depth of Beth’s soul. There won’t be many covers of her songs. Beth leaves little to mystery; she opens herself like she’s peeling a peach. You just don’t hear this type of lines much, and never have. Please, do yourself a favor, and take note of them as you listen. They are well worth it!

Here is a varied selection of her songs, so you can see her many talents. In “Monkey Back,” she speaks of being clean. She was a heroin addict. In all the songs we are putting out, however, she is clean (I think!), though there are a couple of wild ones out there where she is clearly zonked.

People, people, so many millions are runners who just can’t face the world. Well, drugs are not the answer, but who can tell these speedy runners anything? You can’t tell somebody something worthwhile when they think you’re a fool and won’t listen to a word you say. So then, there it is.

Having beaten heroin, she’s got to be one helluva woman, especially having to get around junk in the world she travels in. God bless the child!


This is an excellent song, in my view.

“Fire on the Floor” Beth Hart (5:00)

“Monkey Back” Beth Hart (4:40) Upfront & Live!

“Broken and Ugly” Beth Hart (4:50) Hot & Live!

“You Belong to Me” Beth Hart (7:00) Live & Raw!

“I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know” Beth Hart with Joe Bonamassa (7:50) Live & Raw!

The passion comes out in this one, along with that beautiful sultry voice.

“World Without You” Beth Hart singing and playing the piano. (5:00) Live & Sultry!

Another one that grabs your heart and squeezes it to death.

“Over You” Beth Hart (4:34) Live & Beautiful!

“Setting Me Free” Beth Hart (4:25) Live & Heart-wrenching!

“Mama” Beth Hart (4:35) Live & Love Driven!!


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