Sweet Lies

LifeExtension says that sugar is not fit for human consumption – our guest blogger Ruddy Adams adds his two cents.

White Death: Sugar is Both Addictive with Overlaps and Parallels to Opioids and Toxic to Humans

The idea that scientists are just now finding out that sugar is addictive is ridiculous. The book “White Death” from the late 1960s covered research that had been showing that since the 1950s. Everybody knows it’s addictive, and there’s not a diet (method of eating) in the world that recommends any sugar intake at all. It’s also toxic, and we’ve known that since the 1960s. But that news was sloughed off because of the powerful sugar industry and Sugar Heads being in such denial about the problems sugar intake causes. Nothing new. Don’t expect anything to change with either the sugar industry or Sugar Heads.

After reading “White Death” back in the 1960s, the whole defensive side of our football team quit sugar completely. Because I was captain of our team the last two seasons, I get the defensive side together at least once a year, usually here at our home in Carolina; and all of them but one has kept to the concept of keeping sugar out of our diets. (none of us smoke; nor did we ever; and none of us did drugs, even uppers for studying, which most everyone did back then) Other than a few old pains from our youth and a couple of accidents over the years, we’ve all remained healthy. Only a couple of us take any prescription drugs at all. We’ve had a couple of operations among us over the years, mostly from accidents and old injuries, and that’s it. The only one who could never go along with quitting sugar and taking supplements was always sick and died 15-years ago at age 54. That’s a pretty good testimony that can be extrapolated into a universal, because we live all over the country.

Dr. Robert Lustig, from the department of pediatrics at the University of California, San Francisco, has been yelling and screaming the devil is in sugar for years. A few years back, he and other researchers published a paper resulting from their studies that stated outright that sugar is toxic to the human body. Lustig and his colleagues cared not whether sugar is fattening or how many calories it has in it in these studies; they had already proven that years ago. They were interested solely in whether sugar is a toxic substance, because Lustig had believed it was for many years. Their latest work proved him right.

No matter! The sugar industry lies about the dangers of sugar, and Sugar Heads are in denial about sugar’s addictive nature, and so, neither would dream of admitting it’s toxic to humans. That is a given. The sugar industry has a powerful lobby in Washington, so never fear that bunch of criminals running our government will ever do anything to help Sugar Heads stop eating sugar. I’ve always believed the sugar addiction is so bad that Sugar Heads would go out on the street to get it, if it were made illegal. So, for many people this type of information is worthless.

Of course, when we say it’s impossible to eat out and not have some sugar intake, that immediately results with some type of justification statement like the following from Sugar Heads: “Well, I may as well eat what I want of it, because it’s in everything anyway. I’m going to die of something.” The same type of thinkers believe in luck, too.

Everytime I put one of these out about sugar, folks write in and tell me they’ve heard very similar statements from Sugar Heads they’ve tried to inform how bad sugar is. You can’t help people with that attitude. Go for yourself! Do what you can to keep your sugar intake as low as possible. You’ll feel better. You’ll think better. You’ll be better off in many ways for so doing.

Yes, what rational, reasonable humans have to do is keep their sugar intake as low as possible, because addiction is not the only problem that comes from sugar. There are no telling how many degenerative diseases that result from eating non-sugar that is called sugar. I say “non-sugar” because by the time companies that sell sugar and pack it in foods finish processing the product, there is very little natural sugar left. To name just a few, there are pesticides, numerous synthetic chemicals, anti-caking agents, anti-bacterial agents, dyes (the dye used to whiten most sugar is called “bone char,” which comes from dead animal bones; beet sugar is colored by synthetic dyes), and metals such as aluminum and others that you don’t need in your body.

The latest research on sugar informs us it can be just as addictive as illegal drugs such as cocaine—complete with cravings and withdrawal symptoms that come with those type of drugs. They say it should be considered a “gateway drug.”

Studies at the British Journal of Medicine show that sugar has been found to produce more symptoms than is required to be considered an addictive substance. In both human and animal (poor tortured animals!) data “has shown significant overlap between the consumption of added sugars and drug-like effects, including bingeing, craving, tolerance, withdrawal, cross-sensitization, cross-tolerance, cross-dependence, reward, all of which are very similar to opioid drugs.”

From the standpoint of brain neurochemistry as well as behavior, sugar intake in both humans and animals show substantial parallels and overlap with opioids and drugs like cocaine. That ought to be enough to get the government to do something about sugar, if we had an honest one. But as noted above, our government is crooked and bought off by lobbyists, and the sugar industry has such a powerful one that sugar farmers actually get government subsidies to grow damned stuff.

You can’t ease off sugar. You’ve got to quit eating sweets and breads, both of which are loaded with sugar. That is an excellent start. It’s difficult to believe that food companies would add sugar to bread, because bread has its own problems without having sugar added to it. Together they are a deadly team. I’ve never known a Sugar Head who was not a Bread Head. I don’t know how many of those I’ve seen order a beautiful steak, eat a couple of bites of it, and pound down a load of bread and then a huge desert. I’ve only seen a couple of people who were Sugar Heads stop their habit. It’s not easy and most aren’t going to try.

Oh well, what can you do? Go for yourself!

For your health: Ruddy Adam




2 thoughts on “Sweet Lies

  1. So agree with you Doris….hard to get away from sugar but while I was in Vietnam the sugar would at sometimes be filled with bugs and cream was always powdered think how many additives were in it…..to this day I drink my tea and coffee with no additives. We buy our bread or make it ourselves from bakeries with natural ingredients. Maple syrup from local people to not use the deadliest of sugars the high fructose corn syrup.. check out wine before you buy so many are added high fructose corn syrup must be a way to keep us hooked on their brand. Doing these things my last physical my doctor said you are healthier and in better shape than many half your age..
    Doris I bet hubby tells you you don’t need any sugar you are already sweet enough.
    Thanks for sharing have a great week

    1. At times, I need some. By ‘times’ I mean once a month at least.
      When life and stress make my cravings unbearable, there is always honey but I know this has its measure too.
      Fruits and veggies, gardening and music and – yes – you’re guessing it right: sex!!
      All things natural work for us.
      Hugs to you too,
      Doris ❤ xoxo

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