Freaky Friday

It was yesterday evening that I delighted myself, again, in watching Freaky Friday where Jamie Lee Curtis (the midage mom) and Lindsay Lohan (the teenage daughter) switch bodies.

Today is Friday 13. Incidentally, I had to go to the dentist. I escaped to write this.

What if things would happen like in Freaky Friday?

If I waste a second to think about it, the one making the calls there was the teenager. Expected.

Landing myself in the body of one of my daughters? Mhm. Well, I confess that only in the one of my littlest daughter I might feel comfortable, so to say.

Playing the piano, drawing, doing nothing in the house because my mom tolerates this.

How ‘nice’ for her to be in my body, to do all the house chores that I’d be tolerated not to consider.
What a Freaky Friday Thirteen.

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