The Spirit of God

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“The Spirit of God”: Beth Hart’s Song Praising God

Let me answer a few questions and comments before going to my favorite God-praising song—ever! Why? In this song, Beth Hart paints a perfect picture of herself getting up, rushing to get ready to go to church, then “hip-shaking” down the isle—praising God, in just about every way one can imagine. Great beat and melody. Perfect lyrics! She is at her very best in this song, one of her favorites. She puts just about everything in it: the most obvious being a bit of blues (delta blues in her phrasing), soul-disco (come on, let’s show them how to do it), Gospel, untold word manipulations, and numerous classical movements.

Naturally, we’ve had a lot comparisons with other musical geniuses (besides the ones I’ve mentioned) like John Fogerty. And yes, you will hear John Fogerty in Beth’s music. You’ll hear him in this song when she sings “delta blues” phrasing.

As to whether the old group would have put her ahead of Tori Amos as the greatest female singer/songwriter ever had we known about BH? We did know about Beth. But she was strung out on heroin at the time, doing blues one day, metal the next, and punk the next. We knew she had talent. The question was, Would she calm down, get straight, and give us the talent she had a little more uniformly? This she certainly did. Thank the good Lord!

But by that time, it was 8-years after we had chosen Tori. Would we change that decision now? Remember, we’ve lost a lot of those folks since then. So, for the time being, let’s just put her right up there with Tori and Alanis; yet, I must say, she definitely has the potential to fly past them. And some have written in with their opinion that she has already done so. I will not go against that opinion. However, I’d rather let her go a while, and burn down to the point that Tori and Alanis have, and then decide. But at this point, I am definitely leaning toward putting Beth Hart above both Tori Amos and Alanis Morissette.

As to why we try to go live as much as possible, again, you can’t truly see/hear how talented someone is until you hear them live. Since the 1950s, studio producers have been able to make a hoarse frog croak sound like the sweetest love bird. I can easily fire off 20-singers who can’t (and could not in the past) perform live because they could not sing a lick. In that respect, I would say that the singing industry is worse at deceiving the public than Snakewood. And folks, that’s saying something!

Regarding Beth as a Performer and Her Status with Other Musical Geniuses

Nothing Beth does is average. She’s not traditional in the least way. Every piece she sings, she sings and plays with an unparalleled positive enthusiasm. All her work is different, which shows she’s not a robot. She thinks for herself. No matter whom she plays with, they follow her. These are signs that other talented people recognize her potential and her current talent, and that she is a leader and an independent thinker. I doubt anyone could tell her how to sing a song. And what nut would do such a thing, when she hardly has a song that’s not a masterpiece? She has a lyrical and musical imagination like most of us have never seen before.

She’s very much in the mold of Elvis, Janis, Fogerty, Alanis, and Tori—each one independent thinkers, fearless in showing their talent, completely confident in every note, chord, and word they played and sang. None of them gave one hoot about what or how they showcased their supreme talents. They did it exactly as their wonderful ears told them to do—which was, of course, perfectly correct! You don’t find ears like the five above, and Beth’s.

The world tried to copy Elvis for 40-years after he first appeared. John Fogerty’s lyrics, melodies, vibrato, and passion stood out like red on white among his peers, and he never had the first song that wasn’t superb. Hundreds of singers have tried to take Janis Joplin’s place, and no one but Beth has stood the test of time in so doing. And Alanis and Tori were no less than major movements in the musical world. Beth is a movement, too. But in a much different way. She is leading the way for musical talents who can sing and play everything, as Elvis did. We won’t see many of them, but someone will come along and attempt to be like her. That is another sign of a magnificent talent.

Thank you all for appreciating Beth, and for all the positive comments and good questions!!!

Please, enjoy this piece praising our Lord and God in such an uplifting manner!! Ruddy & Co.

“Spirit of God” Lyrics
By Beth Hart

“Beth Has the Spirit of God”

Stakkholtsgjá, Iceland – Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

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