Adam, The Scandal

This will be a disparate ranting. About nothing and everything. Stop reading if you’re not interested. Keep reading if you wish to get outraged, shocked, insulted. This is, after all, about the art of setting up a Scandal.

Clothed Humans, Naked Animals

Someone tweeted that when you see a cat, a dog, a kangaroo, you say “look at that cat,” or dog, or kangaroo. You don’t say “look at that naked cat,” or naked dog or naked kangaroo. Animals did not sin. They don’t need clothes to cover their shame. They don’t even have the notion of shame.

Why do clothed humans have a notion of shame? Because they did sin. Their ancestors, Adam and Eve, sinned. Were these two the only ancestors of all humanity? Hard to sustain. With all this galactic diversity. Were these two the first humans ever? They were not. What makes them so special then? Beside the sin they have done.

Angels and Aliens

Erich von Däniken has his own versions about humans, and humanoids, predating Adam. The mountain of evidence, carved in stone, visible to the naked eye, makes enough sense to bury (not saying to put to shame) a ‘long’ tradition of Darwinism, Evolutionism, Earth-centrism, and few other -isms of the nineteenth century mentality.

Indeed, God sits beyond time, and space as we know it. Indeed, God needs no machine to move from there to here. Of course that He cannot be wrong, or make mistakes, or unfinished business. And because He sits in the beyond (or the beyond in Him) all things are already finished, from His perspective.

Were the angelic beings of the Bible actual extraterrestrials? Why not! Angels have bodies, flesh and bloods. Other flesh and other bloods. Some like our blood, some different. Humans have bloods too, a way or another. If humans are so different, why believe that ‘all’ extraterrestrials must be one meter tall, grey, skinny, big eyed, big heads? Some are and some are not. Extraterrestrials may also be humans, more or less like us. Put it the other way around: we may be some kind of extraterrestrials. At least to one another.

Then why this or that angelic being called himself by the name of God, Yahwah, The Ever-Living, if he had to move from one place to another? Because God needs not such thing. Don’t fret, because you’ll find more paradoxes in relativistic physics than in any science about God.

From the shepherd, sheep entering through the gate, to the goldsmith clearing silver over the flame, to the earth-water-fire analogy, every imagined interpretation of God’s occurrence bears a seed of truth. Why? Because God is True.

The Electric Universe model, in physics, merges very well with the premise of our sensorial reality being a computer simulation. In short: we live in a computer game. And God is the Gamer! Who also wrote the game, the program, the underlying code of existence. A programmer has many attributes. One is that of the hacker.

If God is everything, and beyond everything, and if He is comfortable staying there (or ‘there’) then he wouldn’t be more than a fractured concept of our minds, a wishful thinking, a drug.

and if Christ hath not risen, then void is our preaching, and void also your faith,
1 Corinthians 15:14

Therefore, God has an inner desire, an itch maybe, to overcome His own perfection, His own infallibility. How comes? Because He cannot go up from where He Is. There is no ‘up’ above Him.

Only way to tinker, to hack, is to go down. To experiment a mistake or two. The Logos brings no order to Chaos. Because the Logos cannot care less about chaos. While the Logos is, chaos isn’t.

At this point, God remains stuck in the beyond, in uber-perfection. The hacking aspect of the Logos will create subsequent personas, or hypostasis. The Logos, as the prototype, is the Man, Yasu Khrist, the original Adam – two meters tall, ruddy skin, strawberry blond hair and red beard, sky blue eyes. This is God. Not a concept, not beyond the beyond, but a Guy with a beard. The Gamer. The Hacker. The Tinkerer of things.

He didn’t create Chaos. He could (or would) not create ‘nothing.’ Yet He allowed this happening. He allows errors and injustices and wrongs and mistakes all the time. Time? What is time? How about the clock within this game He’s playing. Think of Sid Meier’s Civilization.

Consider that you are God. You don’t want to be dead, well, you can’t (there is no such thing as ‘death’ where you are), but how about giving it a spin, like in -say- bungee jumping?

Wouldn’t you set a few prequels to your entry? Wouldn’t you consider some beta testing? Trial and error? After all, this game runs on entropy, for some reason that you know but wish to forget.

Melchizedek is the closest example to a prequel. A sensorial one, before Moses would experience the strategical encounters. Angels or extraterrestrials, identifying themselves by the Name of the Ever-Living, were these God-drones?, or mirrors, holograms of the Logos?

At this level, there is no room for lying or deception. This can’t stand the reality check. At least you, as a gamer, won’t allow illusion to undermine your next moves, to undermine you!

Which Humanity?

To a disconnected computer there is no internet. The network does not exist. Ask that machine anything about what it cannot see, feel, check, measure, understand, and the invariable response will be the same: non existent.

You can’t see the Logos unless the Logos sees you.

If a human from Orion sees the Logos, it is because the Logos has called that person first. If you see the Logos from Kentucky, it is because the Logos has called you first.

Kentucky and Orion, eh?

You’ve got fried chicken, they’ve got transdimensional, interstellar, teleportation, faster than light travel, whatever, whaddayaknow.

You know one thing and they know one thing. The Logos! It’s One Person actually. See how simple droning is? It demands less of you, mainly nothing, and it provides everything, making you present. Online. Putting you on the map.

There is no net for a disconnected computer. No signal. No existence.


Einstein’s philosophy is not about the Absolute, just about the relative. Telling us how many things a twin brother can do here on earth – such as growing up, being a teen, a young adult, a married man, fathering children, doing business, [un]finishing business, aging, declining and dying – while his twin brother stepped on a photon, leaping from a galaxy to another.

This is life and Life. A zero-sum game on earth. Not one beyond earth.

Prison Break

How do you break a prison? From the inside!

No hack within the beyond will be seen as justified for the inmates. Their life is not the same. No compare.

The Gamer, the Logos, wished to be born to the lowest denominator of universal humanity. Somewhere between Orion and Kentucky. Well, bit closer to Kentucky. To learn the prison from the inside. To know the inmates as an ‘Inmate’ and to kill death. RESET

Les jeux sont faits.

About Adam’s anatomy. What was missing before the sin? What happened to him, during and after?
Food for thought. For hints, check out Astarte, The Adventure.

Photo by Austin Ban on Unsplash

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