H.a.H – Home.alone Halloween

I am a bit tired but mostly refreshed. After the first home alone parents’ night in months.

The Evening.

Before the autumn vacation week, the twins have to spend a mandatory ‘reading’ night at school. That was yesterday night. Because it was raining, and intensively dark, we drove them. Then we stopped for a bit of shopping. Trying our best to force some sense of austerity, Don couldn’t help himself, so he bought me a spider mask and a Halloween Hat. You may see the spider mask in the photo below.

Finding ourselves home alone, we indulged in watching my preferred last episodes from The Blacklist and Designated Survivor. My happy servant Don, broke some eggs over the pan, which he then brought to me with ginger and a couple of rice cakes. While I was watching the series.

The Night.

Past ten, lazy me goes upstairs to the bathroom, then checking mail while waiting for him, surrounded by the new furniture orientation in the living room – now intensely heated by all the small and big lamps alight. The known sofa is extended in the plain porn bed. Three cameras – the SONY, the old Canon and the new phone – are set in a triangle, alternating the setting of the lights.

Before eleven, he turns the cameras on. As I go to sleep, under the blanket. Because I feel chilly. He brings a halogen radiator to heat the air for me. And two glasses on a tabouret, with a bottle of red wine.

Telling him that I don’t wish to feel like ‘working’ or ‘acting’ or ‘playing’ tonight, because it’s our home alone night. I just wish we make love to each other. This is what is going on. Regardless of the cameras and the lights surrounding us. I don’t care what they capture, how do I look – well, this is not exactly clear in my mind. Because I DO care how do I look on camera, how you see me. I care a lot. But tonight I won’t do my best. On the contrary, I’ll do as little as possible to keep it cozy and lazy.

He pleases me in all the ways I want, until I say that it’s my turn. Which means that I’ll have to please him, like in pegging his ass. This is his way (dunno if more men are enjoying anal so much) of showing me that he belongs to me, totally, that he is mine!

I notice a broken vein. And wonder. Telling him, we conclude that last Friday, when my spit on the dildo wasn’t enough, then I broke him. Tonight I’ve got a finger of coconut grease. More than enough to penetrate him, nicely and painlessly. Oh my, I’m so sorry about being sloppy, last week. I can see how deep I’ve hurt him, physically.

But he’s not minding. The physical pain gone, he enjoys playing the reverse submissive role. Humble happy hubby. Crazy nevertheless!

We cuddle until sleep lures us to mellow dreams. Didn’t know about him, until waking up before one o’clock. Caressing his chest, I give him a kiss. Salty seawater. Ahem. I wish to go upstairs to the bedroom, on a proper mattress. He says alright.

H.a.H – our Home.alone Halloween night – on the record in photos and little snag films, shortly to be downloaded from our sites and shared porn studios.

Home.alone Halloween night, sexy playing spider mask.


5 thoughts on “H.a.H – Home.alone Halloween

  1. That is so beautiful. I know how hubby feels you love your sweet wife so much but with family around a little kiss or hug has to do. The mask says hubby wants some sexy role play with a mysterious woman tricking her into his arms and the treat will be sensual pleasures enjoying the deep love you have for each other
    Hugs my beautiful friends enjoy your wonderful trick or treat pleasure time.

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