The Romans 2.0.x

Clear-cut post by our guest blogger Ruddy Adam. A letter to me, actually.

Hey Doris,

You’re not going to believe it!

We found somebody crazier than everyone else we know who is whacked out to the gills over a brat and/or brats; and over here you see it every time you go out. You see crazy parents and grandparents in a deep state of adulation over a brat and/or brats.

In this case, our friend Spanky’s child, “Baby Doll” (Yes, that’s what they call her!!), bought her first tank of gas today, and the grandparents and the several aunts and uncles went with her to take pictures of her and to video her doing it!!!

Every one of the crazy sons-of-bitches is on social media and are planning on putting the pics and videos on there for the rest of their nutty family to see!!!

Such insanity!

There should be no wonder from anyone that the world is as nutty as it is!

What’s worse is, there’s no sign of it stopping until our generation dies off! I hate to say it, but it’s a sadness to the earth seeing such a bunch of fools who hate the Lord’s Message, because they have ruined almost every child born since 1970. That’s considered three entire generations, and if the Lord does not come soon, they’re going to get another one. Which will be four! Four generations!

No group of people in history have ever done such a thing.

I have studied every great Empire of the past, from the first Egyptian (Mitzeriam, the name of Ham’s son, Mitzer, after which Egypt was originally named) on. The only one that did anything close to what we’re doing here in the States today is the 2nd Roman Empire, which ended about 500AD and never rose again. At the last census, they found that the aristocracy’s brats had more servants and slaves than did Caesar and any grown up in his family.

Soon after that generation took over, the 2nd Empire collapsed.

And that was the aristocracy, and only the aristocracy. You can see them doing such an idiotic thing. But I’m talking about regular people, like you and me and the others we converse with and are friends with. And yes, some of them have ruined their brats, and are now ruining their greatgrand- and grand-brats as I write.

And if you think about it, it’s wholly and absolutely a desertion from the Scriptures. Every single thing these brat-worshipers are doing is exactly opposite of every single thing Solomon and his Wisdom says to do and against every single one of the Reasonings Yasu gave to Moses and the Prophets.

For example, a few gnomes from Solomon and the Reasonings: Don’t work and save to leave what you’ve have to a brat, because they may blow it over night! Use it for yourself and the faith and think no further than that.

And: Don’t even stand good financially for a bed for any of your family members.

And: After an initial dowry, send your brats off for them to fend for themselves.

And: Train them from the bottom before giving them a position of authority/power.

Send your brats off? Ha! Our crazy people won’t even put them out of their homes, and believe me, we here have tried and tried and tried, these idiots are going to ruin their children no matter what you say. They will get raving mad at you and dump you as a friend or anything else if you persist.

The Lord says He’s going to let our people eat their own vomit before He returns, figuratively speaking, and it could actually happen as nutty as our people are.

Come Lord, come soon!!

Watching the Insanity Go by: Ruddy Adam

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