Not Even a Sin

What a dash of red can do to corporate branding, we’ve seen a couple of days ago.

What it did to history, to millions and millions of people, to the environment, we’ve seen throughout the lost century.

November 7, 1917, one hundred years ago, the Bolsheviks dashed their bloody red across all the Russias.

November 9, 1938, another deadly dash of red broke glass all over Germany.

Revolution and counter-revolution at its worst. Collective madness at its best. Nothing mattered more than ideology. Murder by the mob, by the state, by global war – the law of a lost century.

Atheistic Marxists, suffering from a host of mental illnesses, had no choice than to replace God with an ideal (and reality absent) statue of man. Because once denying the Creator, there’s a vacant place to fill.

Esoteric Nazis, suffering from a more sophisticated disorder, had plenty of choices. Almost like the gods and goddesses of yore. Those who waged nuclear war over the Indus Valley.

Γ€ propos, nuclear war. Unheard of for millennia. It returns to planet Earth. Like the gods and goddesses of old wished to put a face on long forsaken skulls. Cynic thinkers living to see the ultimate of their theories.

November 9, 1989. The fall of the wall. Colors of red return to branding American companies. A breeze of normality and freedom. Until communists rediscover their lost origins in capitalism.

All three reds – capitalism, communism and corporatism – under one god: materialism. Not even a sin.

Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash

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