Peppy Music LED

Ruddy Adam about that black dog thing.

Two More Ways to Fight that “Damned Black Dog”

Number One

One, peppy music in the mornings. It doesn’t matter whether you particularly like the music or not—just so it has a peppy beat to it. Some of the most depressed people I know don’t even listen to music, or rarely do; and what they listen to would depress a cat, and cats are like psychopaths, in that they’re too busy hunting their next prey to get depressed.

Some music we’ve been thinking about for this is Disco. I can’t say it’s a great music. Or that the musicians were all that great, or a whole lot positive about it. You can’t find much of this music live, because it was mostly studio music. That’s fine. Studio music is better for our purpose anyway. It will work to get your brain started off with some fun music. Of course, you may have something peppy that you like better. If you do, send it in. We’ll pass it on.

But I’ll say this about Disco, the girls and women back in the day loved it—because it was fun! I can’t tell you how many times my dear late friends M. and S. and me were dragged to the dance floor by our wives or others that we knew. Horrors! M. and I didn’t hate it, but S. couldn’t stand it; and every time it was his blessed late wife Claudine who wanted to go to a Disco joint.

The girls did certainly enjoy it. El would take off to that dance floor with a drunk gorilla, grinning all the way there, through, and back. It didn’t matter. Just let her dance. Her two favorite partners, however, were Banjo Eyes and Sam the Sham. These two cats could dance, especially Sam.

We’ve been playing Disco here for a while, and she’s still dancing away. It surely gets her going in the mornings—not that the Energizer Bunny needs much to get her in gear. But she does need something for her brain, to keep her from thinking an earthquake, hurricane, and volcano are all right on our heels. All of these things combined takes care of those thoughts.

Here are a couple of examples of peppy Disco:

“Stayin’ Alive” The Bee Gees (4:00)

“Right Back Where We Started From” Maxine Nightingale (3:20)

A negative tag put on Donna Summer, the “Queen of Disco,” Summer truly had by far the best voice of all the Disco Queens; and one of the best voices of all time. This song has a wonderful classical move in it, from the introduction to the Chorus, along with several others. You can also hear how DS can sing.

“Dim All the Lights” Donna Summer (4:00) Live & Hot Disco!

“Last Dance” Donna Summer (5:3) Live & Peppy Disco! (4 octaves easy!)

Don’t forget the Blues, for there is peppy Blues, too; and we have learned that the Blues is the best music for our brains.

“Boom Boom” Johnny Lee Hooker (4:00) Studio version.

These three are El’s favorite wake up songs. They ain’t Disco, let me tell ya. And she plays them to the top of the needle loud! The first two are George Thorogood songs, and he tends to call his songs Blues, yet they’re not traditional Blues. He is nevertheless an excellent writer and musician, and the songs are great ones.

The third one was a monster hit back in 1970, and the guitar will wake you and get you going. Very good, uplifting lyrics regarding Khrist. It was a one-hit wonder song!

“I Drink Alone” George Thorogood (4:30)

“Bad to the Bone” George Thorogood (5:00)

“Spirit in the Sky” Norman Greenbaum (3:45) Studio Version

Number Two

Two, get you some LED lights and put them in a room, especially the room you spend the most time in during the day and the one where you dress when you’re getting up. These bright lights are the best for your brain, and they fool your brain into thinking it’s a wonderful summer day, and it will pump out those positive chemicals that you need to get through the day without killing somebody.

Even on cloudy, dreary days these lights will help your brain—and in turn, your mood. They are excellent to use at work, especially if you’re doing a lot of sitting or have to stay in a general area.

Your brain loves positive feedback.

Fellow Warriors in the Fight Against that “Damned Black Dog”

I forgot to mention in the last article about using LED lighting to fight the “winter blues” (all-year-round blues) that all you need are the bulbs. You don’t have to change any wiring to use LED lighting. The Manager brought it to my attention when he was kidding me that he was looking for an electrician and a carpenter so he could put new lighting in his house. He was being facetious! But I did forget to mention this in the piece.

LED bulbs come in different brightnesses and colors. The brighter and lighter they are, the better your brain will be tricked into putting out the positive chemicals that come with a bright sunny day, which will help your mood and overall health.

A good way to start is to go to Lowe’s or Home Depot (so far, most people have thought Lowe’s has the best selection) and choose three different bulbs, to see which one you like the best. After you decide, you can take the other two back, and then buy the rest of the ones you like.

Your bathroom and your kitchen are musts. We’re talking about spending a few bucks for something that is a tremendous help year `round, and especially on damp, cold, dark winter days—that are banging at the doors all over the world as I write.

The brain loves light, especially bright, passive light that you will receive from LED lighting.

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