Forever Young

Ruddy Adam writes a new post.

“Forever Young,” Live and Masterfully Sung by Beth Hart

Beth Hart shows us her wide range of musical ability with “Forever Young,” which definitely has a country flare to it. It’s another treasure: plain, simple, deeply passionate.

The very slight quiver you hear in Beth’s voice in this song is some truly masterful vibrato. She is not trying to overwhelm us with her beautiful voice, which she certainly has; she is telling us with that quiver that the words are coming from deep inside her, and those words mean something to her. It makes for some really powerful, yet very subtle passion. You hear it, and you see it when she sings. But she doesn’t blast it out at you. Pretty astonishing stuff. Shows she’s a very, very confident singer.

This is the type of voice manipulation we’ve seen from some of the greatest singers of all time. It’s mostly inherited, natural, that is, yet the best get better at it the longer they sing.

There are several other things she does with her voice in this song. I’ll let you all hear them for yourselves.

Enjoy, Ruddy

“Forever Young” Beth Hart (4:00) Live & Masterfully Sung!

Photo by Dawid Zawiła on Unsplash

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