This afternoon, I’ve got word from William.

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving, had some delicious food, and are ready for some awesome ball games this weekend.

For the first time EVER, Southern Charms will participate in the Black Friday – Cyber Monday sale. Starting today, all 1 month memberships will be $8.95 and will rebill at $8.95. We are expecting a huge response from our customers…

Please let all those guys, that have yet to purchase a membership to your site, know that now is the time!

My European Thanksgiving was celebrated through work. I’ve gotta clear the clutter of this year. I need to regain my happy lifestyle. Which I did today, by playing the sexy librarian. Taking a lunch break. Taking advantage of ‘Sam’ – the cable guy. He sucked my pussy in more than the already popular sofa-edge position. Then I stripped and posed. See the after-orgasm glow?

The sexy librarian, an after-orgasm glow.

You’ve learned about the HUGE SALE on Southern Charms. But I’ve got one more offer this weekend: go to my Clips4Sale studio here.


How this works: after you buy a video, make sure to email me at and tell me which video have you bought and, yes, which video you wish I give you for free.

Okay, time to subscribe and buy videos! Happy Black Friday to Cyber Monday shopping.

I’m on sale from today till Monday.



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