You Want Tears?

Ruddy Adam on Beth Hart’s music.

Alright, Beth Hart lovers, she’s brought you to tears and you love it. All of us here, too!!

Now, get your Kleenexes out, because this one really brought us to pouring the tears out. If it doesn’t get your right-brain to working, imagining someone like Beth, a singer, who’s been on the road for no-telling how long, lying around dreaming about being at home where she’s loved and wanted… Please!

She writes, she plays, she looks to me she can sing anything, and she’s stolen all our hearts. You’ve got to listen for the modified vibrato on this one. It’s really subtle, but it’s there—just pulling at your heart, painting a picture of having been on the road and dreaming about getting home. I’ve been there, folks!

“No Place Like Home” Beth Hart (3:45) Live, Soulful, & Sultry

No Place Like Home Lyrics

By Beth Hart

Photo by Sasha Freemind on Unsplash

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