From “Peek-a-boo Infinity”

Feedback for Ruddy Adam’s musical posts.

Nice letter from “Peek-a-boo Infinity” regarding the music we’ve sent out over the last few years. I thought some of you may enjoy it. Thanks Peek!

Lolly Lou, Bella Blue, and Others There with You, Dearest Lolly Lou,

Wow, the electric guitar and y’all picking out the masters to send!! It has been more fun than I imagined learning about this cool instrument. JJ and I appreciate you informing us of the importance of this instrument to music of all kinds.

I never much preferred the electric guitar until y’all brought the goodies out for me. Miss Buck is a Crown for all of us, although we didn’t know her. You’re a prince for passing on what she taught you. Yasu is blessing her as we listen and think of her.

Before you properly introduced me to the electric guitar, I’d rather hear the piano, sax, and harp to name a few. The boys in my age group growing up would often strut with their bellies stuck out as though they were playing the electric guitar . I guess this imitating was annoying to me , so I probably sought to close my ears some to that instrument. That, and I wasn’t much into what I mistakenly thought the electric guitar was about, hard rock.

I was more into dancing and disco music and soft rock in my youth. There was electric guitar in my music listening but not to the point I was paying any attention to it.

I should have known after you introduced me to, now let’s see who all, if I can remember about half of them, Dave Brubeck, Janis Joplin, Chet Baker, Tori Amos, Alanis Morrissette, Van Morrison, the Southern Rockers (the Allmans, ZZ-Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd), BB, David Barrett, Karen Carpenter, Beth Hart, Bill Evans, John Barry, Otis Redding, Chris Botti, Maria Callas and many others I’d never heard of, that the electric guitar was going to live up to your groovy write up about it. (I will throw Elvis into the above pack because although I had heard of him, I knew nothing of his talent. It was a treasure I’m glad is reserved for us, and I dove into it for months – astonished. Still am! Love his Khristmas songs!)

None of this is to mention singers being “intone” or “out-of-tone,” to degrees even, and musicians playing and singing polytonals, polyrhythms, and using vibrato, and other little jewels that have brought my music listening to a high pitched peak, or to a sweet ever-living climax. These sounds were difficult for me to hear at first. But after I did finally hear what you were talking about, the pleasure pouring into my ears greatly multiplied. I say, “BeWhew!” No better word, though it’s not listed in any dictionary but yours. Haaa!

The electric y’all have sent out has been perfect to my ears. I never knew that the sounds one could make with it were “infinite.” What an instrument.

I must say, Jeff Beck was soooo yummy in all, including the vibrato. Enjoyed the Tal gal too!

Al King was shweet as well! He really had passion and could pass akin to BB. Cool! That says something.

As a special treat, so loved The Women of Ireland. Very serene to me, having those genes on both sides of my family.

Gary Moore is also one-of-a-kind wonderful!! JJ and I have listened to everything we could find by him, including songs from his rock days. He’s a genius! We will treasure this introduction forever.

I even listened to Blackmore’s Rainbow (Full Album 1975) !! Most impressed. More likeable than expected, for me. Thank you for mentioning him. I suppose he is a little hard for some of the ears in the faith. I recommend them trying him anyway. He’s worth it!

Very good ears youngins’. Yummy ! Thank you and keep them coming !

I know this is your time of year, and we always think of the Khristmases we spent together back in the `80s and `90s, learning about Yasu and praising Him.

Let this be your best Khristmas ever.

Please enjoy, signing, Living for Him Into Infinity and Beyond!!!! Peek-a-Boo into Infinity

Photo by William Iven on Unsplash

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