The Current Course

2017 in retrospective

Doris: What I’ve expected from 2017 was to invest instead of spending, to build instead of wasting, to find peace instead of turmoil.

Don: What I wished to learn in 2017 is where to place the wrongs to make them right and how to separate the waters, for a better understanding of what falls down and what flows up.

Mellow January
In house musings, satin erotica, rough nude arts, raving hardcore face sitting films – the vibrant quest of what’s about to come up in the wake of orgasm. Stars keeping the abysses from falling to their ultimate demise.

Fuzzy February
Warm and wet, metaphysics apart, we get wind that no promise is carved in granite. Pun intended.
Agitating, we must look for new contractors. Because we need to build, we want to have our own space.

Miscellaneous March
Spring comes early, which turns my inner tumult in a house cleaning spree. Copious nude captures, including little accidents. On the same tune, I show my taylor tresspassing when cutting out pockets from the butts of perfect jeggings, or cutting pretty much anything supporting a denim suffix. Until getting papers straight and planting flowers for the sunshine.

Anticipating April
Arts, philosophies, paradoxes and blatant Irish humor can live under the same umbrella. Somehow like the pagan idols have been brought to adorn the walls and fill the corners of holy churches.
Investing hope and patience in the wrong guy, we sit and wait with our eyes wide shut.

Topless Times of May
Sensual sex, naughty posing, silly filming, this is how we come to enjoy an early summer. Unsuspecting.

Crazy June
Yes, crazier it may get, but it didn’t. LUNATIX goes out on Amazon. I dance naked in the torrential rain. Don celebrates his pimping inclinations by means, and pretext, of a blue hat. And I receive an offer to sell my bush, and a handful of worn panties, and some sandals. Oh my, I love selling stuff. Was thinking about auctioning on ebay, but this is much better.

Twisted July
Bob tells me about sugar waxing. A novel concept, to me. And a way to make use of sugar. I’m all in. And showing you what I’m up to, step by step. I celebrate the Day of France, freshly waxed! Then the barbarians hit the gates. And we let them in.

Audacious August
A frenzy of something, anything, has its blind spots. You miss them, incidentally. You ignore them, intentionally. And you get distracted with other venues, such as Youtube, where you post a cute little video, titled ‘Blowing a Dandelion’ and you see the stats skyrocketing, views and follows and comments alike. Then, at random, about the end of August, a plain-speaking fellow posts yet another superlative comment, this time using the colloquial ‘jerk off’ instead of a more sugar coated expression. Bang, the Skynet bot, sensing prey ahead, suspends your video for inappropriate blah blah blah. You’re given seven days to repent and make your case. By a robot. You’d rather allow the way of the system than risking falling between emotional verdicts.

Thus went August, with drying coffers and contractors gone missing for the sunniest week of the entire year.

Somber September
My preferred month of the year, of any year. And nothing goes right. Then came the rainy days. And nights. The drop that spilled the glass. Controllers in. Contractors out. And the grace of God rewarding a daring move with unexpected, better qualified, new contractors.

Golden October
With things moving in the right direction, I smile with more confidence to the camera. Seeing shapes and pillars to hang my dreams on, I relax, and rejoice, up to the point of some incredible nightly performances, which took place on and around Halloween. There’s an electrical fluid running, and an always too early moment to touch this taboo.

Normal November
Done with the structural aspects for the new Atelier, done with the coffers too, we retreat back to our normal and so naughty day to day cuddlings. Giving thanks! And numerous crazy discounts.

Decent December
Debunked myths, decorated doors and ceilings, and walls and shelves and tables. All these, and few more, to keep me balanced from another stress: I must relive the tenth grade!

All I want for Christmas is you.
And all you want for Christmas is me.

Then came the kids, the tree, presents from hand to hand, extra dinners and second lunches.

Summing up the old year in retrospective, I allow Don a link that makes sense to you and me. About the current course.

Wishing you a Jolly New Year’s Eve and see ya next year, of course πŸ™‚Β 

Photo by Alexander Andrews on Unsplash

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