Give Her a Piano

Music and lyrics blog post by Ruddy Adam.

“Good Day to Cry”; “With You Everyday”; and “Jazz Man” (with lyrics)

In the mold of Alanis Morrissette and Tori Amos, this girl needs little accompaniment. Give her a piano or an acoustic guitar along with her lyrics and her voice, and that’s enough to make a masterpiece. Musical geniuses are that way. There have been very, very, very few people walk under the sun who have had that much talent.

How can someone convey so much deep pain and raw passion? It’s what she feels; it’s her personality. As I’ve noted, she’s a runner. Although most of them do all they can to hide it, runners take life far more seriously than most people. They are far, far more sensitive, though they definitely try to hide that fact; and they hurt longer and deeper than most when mentally or emotionally wounded. Thus her previous heroin addiction, which gave her a deep, dark hole to run to and hide. She has supposedly dumped that dead-end hiding place. We hope that remains true!

Fortunately, Beth can run to her music and bury herself in it. She pours all those deep, sensitive feelings into it. Being the receivers of those feelings through her music, we can be grateful for her ability to do that!


Here’s another one that rips right into your soul.

“Good Day to Cry” Beth Hart (4:40) Live with Passion from the Deepest Part of the Soul!

“Good Day to Cry” LyricsBy Beth Hart

Truly wonderful piece!

“Falling in Love with You Everyday” Beth Hart (2:40) Live & Subtly Passionate

“With You Everyday” LyricsBy Beth Hart

How about an uplifting one? In this one, she plays and sings jazz as well as anyone ever has.

“Jazz Man” Beth Hart (4:00) Live & Jazzy!

Jazz Man LyricsBy Beth Hart

Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

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