Birthdays Courtesy

I love birthdays. Think that everyone does. From eagerly waiting for the cake and a few fabulous surprises when you were little, through the cakes and catering for your kids when you were young, to the cake and adult shootings for your fans and friends when, well, now!

Friends: 200 Smooth Photos

During the five years plus, since I’ve gone public as a mature model, I had no few occasions to make new friends. Some come and go. Some reappear at times.
Exception makes my friend Bob – whose birthday cake I smooth in today’s update (570).
Bob is a dear, attentive and sensible friend of mine.
Even if he can’t taste the cake in these pics, literally, I wish to show him (and you) the savour of the smooth moments when I got it ready.
Happy Birthday, Dear BOB!!

The cakes, the photos, the clips and the wishes.

Dear Bob,

Wish to be the first singing to you

For a minute now, it’s already your birthday – I’m six hours ahead, you know 🙂

I also wished to plan a few surprises, such as the Birthday Cake video, but you discovered it a bit earlier.

So I wish you all the blessings and the best of health, and for you to enjoy the new neighborhood, even if it’s a bit crowded.

About the sugar waxing: that went less painful than the November experiment, especially because I used more patience and allowed more time for moisturizing.

The second day was much more painful than the first, perhaps because the sugar balls were harder, darker and more effective – I’ve reboiled the caramel a bit.

Still there are few little hairs around my clit and labia that I left.

About being naked in the kitchen, I can tell you that you are so right when talking about this freedom. Though January is not the most appropriate month of the year for being naked. Even in the house, we keep a chill temp, between 18.5C and 19.5C, while the optimal temperature for naked comfort starts around 23-24C. But gas is
expensive and clothes are already at hand.

When writing you this, I remember what it means to be naked in the spot lights: for one it’s the excitement of sharing my nudity, and then it’s the warmth of the lamps pampering my body. Once I step away, I feel the chill, instantly.

I think that being debt free is maybe one of the greatest birthday presents for you this year. Don always keeps us out of debt, and I’m grateful for this, even if there is no little sacrifice. But it’s worth it. Being clothes free or debt free or [any_burden]-free is really extraordinary nowadays – although it should be quite normal.

I’ll sugar wax in the future. Even considered going to a parlor where a pro could wax me completely (still didn’t find one using sugar wax in town). But I’ll also have to let it grow because I like my fur and there are fans who want to see it all natural.

What I wish to do is balance the looks. Plus, as you said, it grows silkier and nicer.

Maintenance is good, especially when doing some pubic coiffure.

Don? Well, I waxed him in the first day, after he diligently trimmed his hair with the machine. He said he felt nothing, because I saw nothing on the rag. But the second day, when I was determined to press and pull harder, with the new darker caramel, he didn’t let me. He was afraid.

Again, wishing you a wonderful and blessed and unique
Happy Birthday, Bob!!!

All love,
Doris (and Don)

Dear Doris,

Thank you very much for the wonderful birthday wishes.

I have also enjoyed the videos.
Every time I view your videos, or photo sets, I see the true beauty in you.
Don has a special way in catching that lovely beauty.
Watching the post waxing video, I can understand how Don became so turned on by your beauty.
I have told you many times since the first time you shaved your lovely pubic hair how much more beautiful you are without it.
I never thought I would see you more beautiful.
I truly loved your lovely hair, but your beauty is so much more enhanced without it.
I know you love your pubic hair.
That is why I have never told you to lose it permanently.
You need to give the fans who love your natural hairy beauty what they want.
I would just like to see you not wait so long between waxings.
I know you will balance the looks out.
I also know this is a painful thing to do.
You need to give your skin time before you wax again.
Give yourself about 2 months before you wax again.
Let your hair grow a little.
See if it will even be easier waiting a shorter time between waxings.
This will also give your fans a better chance to see you with less hair.
Those fans who love the hairy look may come to see what I do.
They too may find how much more beautiful you are hairless.

I think watching how Don got so turned on filming you, he is beginning to see it as well.
You truly are one very beautiful lady.
Never hide that beauty from any of us.

I often dream you will one day go a complete summer hairless.
That dream will be your full waxing maintenance trail.
You will need to think of my dream.
You may decide not to do it.
All this has always been your choice.
It is your body, and you will do what you want to do with it.

January is not a good month to be fully naked.
I can understand you need to keep the temperature down in your home.
Heating fuels cost money.
I too have heating cost.
At my old home those cost were a fortune.
The old house was very drafty.
It was hard to keep it heated.
Even if you had the heat up higher than a normal temperature you could still feel the cold.
This was just that old house.
The new building codes force homes to be more efficient with heating, and cooling.
The buyers of the new houses there will never have to worry about a drafty old house there.
It can be very nice walking around here naked on a winter’s night.
I still have to be careful because of the closeness of the neighbors, but it is comfortable.

When I said to you I could see your life with Don becoming more naked when your children leave home, I meant in those warm months.
I feel there will just be those summer days when you get out of bed after a lovely love making session, and say to yourself it just feels too good to get dressed.
Those will be the full naked days.
I know you will have them.
You love this freedom just too much.

Thank you again Doris for everything.
You are truly a special person, and wonderful friend.
I will continue to enjoy your beauty in all its forms.
All my love to you, and my best to Don.
Just continue to enjoy everything.
Kisses, and hugs.

Next day, from a friend in Germany: “Wo sind deine Votzen haare ???” (“Where are your pussy hairs???”)

Wrote him back that I keep them in a tiny little box, for now.

“Erfüllst Du jedem deiner Fans ein Geburtstagswunsch ??” (“Do you fulfill every birthday wish of each of your fans?”)

“Nur für diejenigen, die mir sagen, wann sie Geburtstag haben.”
Only for those fans who tell me when their birthdays are.

This because I love birthdays!!

I love birthdays, and birthday cakes.

2 thoughts on “Birthdays Courtesy

  1. Beautiful Doris I am still one of your faithful followers and hope we are still friends. Love the beautiful wishes you sent Bob. For my birthday on Feb 6 I have a much sexier request for a present would love to see you nude wearing just sexy heels applying frosting to your very beautiful body where you would like me to lick it off….So I can dream of the sweetest treat a guy could wish for
    Sweet hugs

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