Proms & Carnivals

Quite a few years since I posted so sparsely on my blog. And it’s not about a writer’s block because I write a lot, just not here. But before talking about writing, I am happy to get over the prom season. Weeks of preparations finalized this past weekend. All went well. Excellent, I’d say. Two more proms to go.

The Carnival season seems much easier to deal with. Especially through the Lovers’ week. Let me tell you a bit about Monday. In the morning, I realized what was almost forgotten: namely how difficult it is for a parent to communicate with a twenty-something kid and, conversely, how daunting is for the kid to accept and rationalize a parent’s love. Words mean either everything or nothing. Why not something ‘meaningful’ – I do not know the answer. Yet.

After accompanying my daughter to the bus station, I felt the shivers of February. Most likely a consequence of my Sunday after-church biking around town. Or is there a virus my son brought home from his trips with the team? Does it matter any more?

Don doubled my CoQ10 daily dose, and my vitamin C, and the Calcium, the Omega 3 pills, plus a few others. Boiled kettle after kettle of green tea and helped me drain the cups with lemon slices aplenty and no few honey spoons. Then he said, “wait a min, I’ve got something better than supplements, an essence of vitamins and minerals.” Watching the clock, I replied that “we’ve got less than half an hour before twins come home.”

We made love, I got my orgasm, then asked for the promised treat, which I swallowed all. Often I share, when I don’t wish to annihilate the effects of a virus, or a cold.

Then the kids arrived, we had lunch, they went to their rooms and we watched a new romantic series. Because of the virus, my son won’t go to school in the coming days. Which new development will make for a quite discreet lovers’ week.

Here’s one photo from last Wednesday, when we snapped a couple of hours to film our Valentine’s videos from three angles – one of which runs on Southern Charms starting this Monday.

Oh, and the cold went away, scared perhaps by my unconventional approach.

Lovers’ week. Romantic hearts.

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