Lover One

Today’s study by Ruddy Adam. Enjoy!!

Folks, this is a unique study. Not that the information in it is new. It is, after all, 2000-years old. But as far as I know, since Paul at least, this is the first time it’s been presented in this manner. By that I mean this study looks at the Scriptures and the races through the eyes of First Century Khristians as they received Them from the Lord’s Couriers, such as Paul. So many teachings today look at the Scriptures through 21st Century eyes. What a mistake!

I’ve never heard it taught, but this information, which Paul calls something on the order of “a special knowledge gift,” only he had received from the Lord. Neither Matthew, Mark, John (Yohn), James (Yakob), Luke, Peter, nor any of the rest of the Lord’s Couriers had this information to give to the Khristian Assemblies. Not only that—but this teaching was related to the Believers in the Upper-Levels. Imagine that! Paul here on earth is not only teaching the Khristians here, but also in the Upper-Levels. That’s pretty astonishing. And it pours even more weight on the importance of the Scriptures, for without Them we are lost in the satanic maze that the secular world lives in, and that many parts of Kultic Khristianity are mired in.

I don’t usually tell people how to study, but I urge you all to take your time with this one. Note the Scripture references and get to Them when you can, because They add to the study ever-so-much more.

Be joyous and praise Him every day. Ruddy

Download the study in PDF format – click here.

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

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