The Modern Discovery of an Old Fact

A new wonderful piece from Ruddy Adam. Enjoy!!

The Modern Discovery of an Old Fact Shatters Secularists’ Claim of How the Oceans Formed and How They Cleanse Themselves, Proving the Scriptures Correct Again

“The world is full of obvious things which nobody, by any chance, ever observes.” (Sherlock Holmes)

If Arthur Conan Doyle had had his famous detective Sherlock Holmes say, “The Scriptures are full of obvious things which nobody, by any chance, ever observes,” he would have been more correct. For it is true the Scriptures are filled with truths that few ever recognize. Let us be of those few, with His help. And for this help we thank Him ahead of time!

Recently, “a new discovery” shows how the oceans became as they are today, something most anyone who put the effort out could surmise from Moses’ earliest Writings. We now have a new tag for how the oceans’ waters refresh themselves: “the whole-earth water cycle.” This means that subterranean waters constantly cycle to help cleanse the earth’s Seven Seas.

The Scriptures have stated all the time that there were enough waters under the earth’s surface to wet the whole planet—at a time before the Lord had refashioned the earth’s system so there would be rain from the skies, rather than underground springs blasting water upward across the grounds.

But to the “scientific” world it is a shattering discovery that destroys their old theory of how the current oceans came into existence. These changes the “scientific community” must make to fit their theories (read: claims) every so often as they stumble and fall into new discoveries (new to them!)—many of which are right there in the Scriptures.

The more these stumbling boobs (who consider themselves the elite eggheads of the planet) discover, the more they prove exactly what the Scriptures have been informing us of for thousands of years.

For example, remember that Solomon knew about the “water cycle” and wrote about it in his Wisdom Writings, 3000-years ago:

Ecclesiastes 1.7:

7. All rivers flow into the sea, yet the sea is not full. To the place where the rivers flow (the sea), there they return to flow again.

Very simply put, too, if I must say. No details needed, folks!!!!!!!! Typically beautiful Divine writing. Simple to remember, easy to discuss.

As the Creator might say to us: “You want more? Go research the details for yourself! I the Ever-Living am giving you Something on a need-to-know basis, in a general sense—which is My Character to do, because I know best what you can recall and exactly how you learn.”

The Ever-Living continues: “The details may build your faith later on, but are shallow compared to the simple point I am making, and this I want you to figure out for yourselves, because it is not for everyone to understand, though it is simple: The water that you see filling the mountain streams by rainfall and the ensuing waters flowing down from the mountains that run all the way to the seas, circle around through the clouds and do exactly the same thing over and over again. I have that process in place all around the world. I need not bother with it. For I your Creator have set it in motion, and there it remains until I decide to change it. It’s what you humans will call ‘the water cycle’ a few thousand years from now when you discover it. Most of you won’t know it’s in My Message until then, and even at that time only a few of you will know it—fewer will understand it. But it is in My Message for those of you who deserve to know it is there.”

We know from Genesis that at one time the earth was watered by the thousands of underground springs that exist around the planet and that at one time there were no seas. All the water was under the earth, and there was water above the earth resting upon the Canopy that then surrounded the earth, making the planet similar to a greenhouse. That’s why we find the remains of animals and plants that were much larger than similar ones today all over the planet—from pole to pole—which also tells us that there was at one time a uniform climate on earth.

Scientists don’t know about these things, because they’ve rejected the idea of a God Who could have “created all that we now see” and thus reject the Scriptures and Every Thing in Them—out of hand.

The scientists who do know about such things are secularists, and therefore hide many of these things from the masses to keep them ignorant of the fact that there was once another earth-system that existed long before the current one.

See what the Ever-Living’s Courier Paul tells us.

Hebrews 11.3

3. By faith we understand the ages to have been created by Divine Utterance, with the result that out of nothing the things that we now see—came into existence.

The above Verse is the standard for the Doctrinal Terms which are, in Latin: Ex Nihilo (Out of Nothingness); and in Greek: Ek tou Medenos (Out of Nothingness), or more complete, in Greek: Ktisis ek tou Medenos, (the latter meaning this: Creation out of Nothingness).

There was no matter before Yasu created it! There was nothing!

The Lord’s Courier Peter explains quite well that there were waters under and above the first earth system, and what happened to that system.

II Peter 3.3-6:

3. First, understand the following: that during the last days of this age, scoffers will come, living according to their own lusts, and snidely asking,

4. “What has become of the Promise of His Return? [the Lord’s Parousia] For since our ancient ancestors died, all things have remained the same since the beginning of creation.”

5. For they purposely suppress the following fact: that by means of the Logos sent by the Ever-Living, skies existed long ago, and *an earth existed standing above water and beneath water.

6. By means of these waters having gushed down, the world-system that existed at that time perished.

*an earth existed standing above water and beneath water (II Peter 3.5): Notice that Peter says, “an earth”—not “the earth.” Which means that he is speaking of “an earth” of a different type from the one upon which we live today. The earth of which Peter speaks is the one that the Lord originally created—before Satan’s attempted revolution (which occurred at an unnamed time, but eons ago). Think about that event—a revolution. Who is behind every revolution in existence today? It ain’t elves!

Also, Peter is clear that waters stood stationed above the earth (over a Canopy) and below the earth to water it constantly.

Now to Genesis to see how the earth was—even in this age—after the Lord caused the waters that covered it in Genesis 1.2 to go underground (that is, “to gather into one place):

Genesis 1.6

6. And the Creator said: Let an expanse [the sky] be in the middle of the waters, and let that expanse be the division between the waters below and the waters above. [Remember the Canopy holding the water above.]

Now, let us see how He turned the earth into one great landmass, and how He watered it when it was one, great land mass without any seas. Remember, there is no mention of clouds or rainbows until Genesis 6, thousands of years after the following events took place:

Genesis 1.9

9. And the Creator said: “Let the waters under the skies [which at that time covered the entire earth, Genesis 1.2 states] be collected to one place and let dry land appear.” And it became as He wished.

Speaking of the earth as it was when the Lord first created it, Moses writes the following:

Genesis 2.5-6

5. For the Ever-Living Creator had not caused it to rain on the earth, and no Adamic man existed to work the land.

6. But *springs shot up from the earth and watered the whole face of the land.

*springs shot up… and watered (Genesis 2.6): The verbs Moses uses in these verses are very specific. A paraphrase is called for to make it clear exactly what he is trying to get across to us by the use of those verbs: “Springs continuously shot up from the earth and watered the whole face of the planet until it was completely wet.”

The information in this verse matches the writings from other ancient writings, such as the Babylonian texts that mention subterranean springs watering the planet. This information the Babylonians most likely received from either the Fallen Angels when they were roaming the planet, or the giants they produced by mating with Adamic women that Genesis 6 mentions. It’s also possible that either Kain or his offspring gave them this information.

This was most likely how the Babylonians knew of the earth when it was watered by underground springs.

Genesis 6.1-4: (3200 B.C.)

1. Now it occurred that the one specific Adamic man [Adam’s offspring] began to increase upon the face of the land, and daughters were born to them.

2. Then the sons who had deserted the Kreator [the Fallen Angels] saw the daughters born from the Adamic man—that they were beautiful. So they took for themselves mates from any of them they chose.

4. The fallen-ones were upon the earth in those days (and also afterwards) when the sons who had deserted the Kreator mated with the daughters born from the Adamic man, and the Adamic daughters produced offspring for the fallen-ones. The fallen-ones’ offspring became *the giants who existed from ancient times. They were the men of great reputation.

*the giants who existed from ancient times (Genesis 6.4): Scriptures mentioning the genetic freaks often with six-toes and six-fingers, who were moreover giants—and terrorized the Adamic race: Numbers 13.32-33; Deut. 1.28, 2.10-11, 3.1-6, 3.10-13; I Samuel 17.4.

However, the ancients knew about the waters beneath the earth’s surface makes no difference—they knew! We know how Moses knew, and we know how Peter knew—and why their accounts are accurate—the Lord Khrist supplied them with the information.

We therefore have Three Witnesses to the fact that thousands of years ago there were no seas and that the “waters were above and below the earth.”

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

The Modern Discovery of an Old Fact

Now, after years of trying to find out how another layer of the earth functions, scientists have discovered what they’re calling “the whole-earth water cycle,” in which an ungodly huge mass of water 800-miles below the earth’s surface cycles water into our oceans—for the purpose of helping to keep them fresh and clean.

There is enough water under the earth to “refill our oceans three times over.” In every living thing on earth, or the things that are mandatory for life, the Lord has placed a cleansing system—a failsafe system that continually cleanses and refills. The oceans are utterly important to the planet. Note that every time a wave hits the shores it dumps impurities onto the shores—carrying out another fascinating method of keeping the oceans clean.

Notice where those impurities land: upon sand, which then absorbs those impurities, so they will not harm the atmosphere or the surrounding shores. Utterly Brilliant!

This new discovery of an old fact completely shatters the theory—that “melting icebergs created the earth’s oceans”—into perfectly worthless pieces! HaBaHaBaHaBa! Ain’t that sweet!

Let me tell you: What I like most about these discoveries is that they build our faith in the Scriptures, and thus our Lord and His masterful method of communicating with us. I am thankful for that, as I know all of you are.

But I must add this, too, to expand my joy in hearing of these findings: Discoveries such as these truly shickle the tit out of me, because they spit huge wads of brown oysters right into the faces of these know-it-all, pedantic creeps roaming the halls of universities and “think tanks,” who themselves spit their atheism in the Lord’s face and who turn theories such as the “Ice Age,” “moving icebergs creating the mountain ranges,” “all life on the whole planet developing in a haphazard manner called evolution,” “icy comets crashing into the earth forming icebergs,” and “those melting icebergs forming the oceans” into what I call “myth-facts.”

These are myths turned into phony claims by empty-headed creatures desperate to prove that they know something (anything!)—and, more important to them, they are beyond desperate to prove there is no God. They fail—day after day—as Yasu’s brilliance thwarts their every effort, showing them for the fools they truly are.

Sweet—real sweet!

I don’t feel sorry for these creeps one lick. Let them search here and there, and run to and fro, and make ludicrous claim after claim, and look how they turn out: secular, twisted, deranged, demented, and unaware of something that verifies the Scriptures when they find it. The ones who do recognize that tons of new discoveries have agreed with and have proven the Scriptures accurate—they put out every effort to hide these facts!

I do love these two quotations from the researchers, wisdom which most of us take for granted, because we know our God is a Complex One—Who has an imagination beyond our mind’s possibility of knowing except when we look at His Creation (not that we can’t understand Him—we can—because He left us all the information we need in a Complex Book written in a simple manner [Divine Condescension] so we can understand Him). Is He not the One Who invented math and physics and arithmetic, all of which He uses in His Creation?

What we can’t understand is the arrogance of creatures who claim some hamheaded human discovered a new algorithm or a fresh form of physics? These have to live with lead blinders permanently attached to their brains, because their pride has truly blinded them—just as it did Satan.

Quotation One

“The earth is an immensely complex machine that generally moves *at a very, very slow pace.” Yes, because an immensely Complex Being designed and created it.

*At a very, very slow pace (From Quotation One): Time exists to humans, and only for a short while—it does not exist to the Ever-Living. For Peter tells us this about Him: “Do not let this fact escape you, Loved-Ones, that one day with the Lord is as a thousand-years, and a thousand-years is as one day.” (II Peter 3.8)

The Lord Himself does not think in terms of slow or fast. He thinks in terms of what He wants to occur, for His Own purpose, His Own pleasure, and for the benefit of His creation—which He loves. He thinks in terms of existence!

Quotation Two

…Earth’s perfect composition and climate is, if you look very closely, rather miraculous.” Indeed, because a rather miraculous Being, the Lord Yasu, created it.

Here it is. Enjoy! The joke is on the secularists who now have to alter their myth-fact as to how the oceans were formed. And now they have to admit that humans’ ability to pollute the oceans is much akin to dropping a golf ball into the ocean and expecting it to cause a tidal wave—to use exaggeration to make a point!

Recent Discovery of a Huge Ocean Under the Earth Shows That the Earth’s Oceans Came (in Part) from Below the Land, Not from “icy Comets Striking the Earth billions of Years Ago,” Which Has Been the Common Prevailing Theory of How the Oceans Formed

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

For the Truth in the Scriptures: Ruddy Adam

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