When Ice Melts

A nice method of wasting time is to spend it on Youtube. My son digs for the dumbest pranks. My daughter follows vlogs which – if not for the value of their content – at least help with improving her skills in English and German. Don follows UFOs. I dig actors, music and dancing.

You may forget yourself for hours, until your head, or your eyes, begin to ache. From a dance to another, from a singer to the next, from this actor to that other one. There was a time when I used to watch and listen ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling’ on and on – following Justin Timberlake themed videos. Then about his wife and family.

Came the epoch of vintage dancing, like tap dace, with Fred Astaire. The songs and dances of Doris Day.

There’s a lot to forget about Youtube, but Alain Delon and Elvis remain at the top of my favorites.

Going on like this, from a celebrity to the next, reading old gossip, I stumble upon Demi Moore. They say that, once upon a time, she used to be the best paid actress in Hollywood. Perhaps I’m wrong, not that I’m going to double check the fact right now. But when she had to play her part in Striptease, then she received a more substantial honorary. It goes without saying that Demi Moore, the actress, wouldn’t film a special scene without a special pay. Even if the anonymous stripper at the corner’s club performs a more exciting move for much less. Being no Demi Moore. Goes without saying.

I am not Demi Moore. Right. I don’t have her fame and not even searching for it.

The point of my rambling in this post is that when I am asked to perform a particular scene, that I never did before, then I find it normal to ask for a special price. Because, beyond the fun and youthfulness, I do this also for the bills, the supplements, the lipstick, etc.

I got a cold, and the flu, this winter because I walked in the frost unequipped with the proper pair of shoes. And it wasn’t about fashion – here in town I like to keep a low profile. Just that I didn’t pay attention when I should have.

Expecting for a mild winter, I skipped the investment in a pair of warm, quality boots. Didn’t think that was necessary. Sounds strange? It surely does. A pair of boots that are comfy, top quality and warm, this is a luxury to me. Which I have to ponder if to afford or not, given other priorities and necessities.

When I make a price for a custom video request, in my mind it’s already quite low but I go with it nevertheless, knowing that fans have also bills to pay, boots to buy, and a lot of other priorities and necessities.

I am pretty sure that there’s a right price. And so are you. It’s like consensual sex – where all parts get happy.

When ice melts.

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