What a week! Can I call it ‘the week of the two custom videos?’ This because I played in two 3/4-of-an-hour scripted videos. The scenarios came each by mail, directly from the imagination of the fan.

The first video was the most consuming, but also full of rewards. Titled “Cuckold Comes Home – A Story Where the Wife Wants More Pussy Eating,” this totally new, and perhaps most complex to date, episode-long movie (45 mins) follows the “Suck My Pussy” and “Sit on My Face” storylines. This was longer and technically more elaborate. It is not just a porn shot with a couple of cameras from a couple of angles — though that’s the typical upgrade from the corner-camera-films-it-all, or from the selfie phone on this stick in my hand, or the sex-tape-making spy glasses (those got around the corner out in the frost).

“Cuckold Comes Home” brings to mind half a shadow from Franco’s “The Disaster Artist.”

Half a quarter or half a half? Doesn’t matter much. What counts is that Don played two separate, what am I talking here?, antagonist parts (the one of the Cuckold husband and the one of Sam – the Neighborhood’s Pussy Eater!) while I enjoyed (loved tiredly) my role as the Cheating Wife who wants more pussy eating. Sure, behind the scenes, Don remains the Fotomann, light fixer, camera starter/stopper/checker and furniture pusher while I keep my backstage positions as costume designer, makeup artist, selfie compulsive-impulser and sound maker (that goes on stage as it does backstage).

There’s a touch of Hitchcock in this pussy eating / wife cheating fantasy.

One special note to my fan who wrote the script for “Cuckold Comes Home” — as well as the previous scripts for “Suck My Pussy” and “Sit on My Face” — Thank YOU, dear, for challenging our limits, for taking us a step ahead of our comfort zone, for letting us play in your elaborate fantasies. We love your scripts!!

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Next came the “Shaving My Kitty” custom video on request where -YES!- I shave my pussy bald again. Twas only mid January when I sugar waxed it. After this I had to postpone the pussy eating filming from February to March, because my bush was required to adorn the tongue slaps and smacks of Sam. This new little video, no shorter than the complicated one, is a one camera / one angle shot, just with lots of soap, a razor (actually two razors, because I broke one) and more lines for me to learn.

Interesting how, for the cheating wife part, I detached myself from the tension of the story, pursuing my path to satisfy my wildest lusts on the sofa (pressing my pubis against the neighborhood’s pussy eating nose-of-Sam) while, for the shaving kitty gal, I focused my attention both on the razor and the script that it ached (my feet from the position of work, not the mind).

I’m not an actor, so I don’t know: is it then, when your mind is not there, that you give your best in front of the camera?

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The second half of the week, I celebrated Hungary’s Day and then St. Patrick’s Day. In other words: back to my real mom and housewife basics. No fantasies. Just stress. And hopes. And hours of comfort watching Hugh Grant or Adam Sandler or Drew Barrymore beyond the screen. Hubby (this Don the Fotomann, aka Sam the pussy eater or the no-name cuckold) loves going gay for me. Which turns me into a consumer.

À propos consumerism!

“We buy things we don’t need, with money we don’t have, to impress people we don’t like.” – spoke Tyler Durden, the Narrator –

I bought a chainsaw, an electrical one, because I think I need it to portion branches from the trees. I opted for the electrical version because that seemed to fit the money I have. The main purpose of this chainsaw is to help me make more sense out of the garden, but I wish to pose with it, not too much, in order to impress people I DO like – namely YOU!

Why do I like you? Because you like me enough to pay for a subscription or two; to look at my nude pics; to watch my adult videos and – yes – to have me in your fantasies. It’a a like-like interaction.

Unlike mainstream society or the street.

With spring chasing winter away, with temperatures warming up the air, shortly I’ll be able to walk (and film) naked in my yet unfinished Atelier, as well as outdoors. With or without the chainsaw – by the way, I’ll have to wear protection gear all over my body when operating it, so it’ll be unplugged in the photos.

They used to say that you should not talk about two things: sex and money.

Sex? I’m always talking about sex.

Money? Last year, I ran out of them before finalizing my camming Atelier. This spring, I must push hard, film hard, to make money that meet the demands of carpenters and other contractors. Their skills and hard work are about to get us there, in my new Atelier, with me dancing and playing, laughing and hurling, cutting leaves for teas and pushing on a face with my pussy, etc. With you sitting in your comfy corner, over lands and continents and seas and oceans, watching me doing what you tell me.

Here’s how you can bring these nightly hours closer.

1. Write down your fantasy and mail it to me at so we can talk about the filming.

2. Tip me from the blue bottom button on my Southern Charms page – these guys are the best!

3. Buy my videos, subscribe to my sites, send me your love.

Doris Dawn,
Happily married cougar bunny and true amateur MILF/housewife nude model.
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2 thoughts on “FOOD & SEX WELLNESS

  1. Pretty goddess don’t have to be a cuckold to totally enjoy you sitting your sweet love petals on my lips enjoying your sweet dew licking and tongue teasing you to the sweetest pleasures being rewarded with the most beautiful orgasm…..hubby is a lucky guy to enjoy the pleasures of such a beautiful sensual goddess
    Sweet hugs my beautiful sensual friend

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