In the Last Days of the Age

A new piece by Ruddy Adam, for you and for me, for today and for tomorrow.

In the Last Days of the Age, Only the Wise Will Understand the Scriptures

Whoever is here in the last days has a lot to look forward to. While the Kult tries to scare the people into their dens, the Scriptures speak of wonderful days for those who have dug into the Ever-Living’s Message and have learned the difference between the false khrist and the real Khrist and between such things as Ishtar and the Resurrection.

These Scriptures give us a slight glimpse as to what those who know the true Khrist and are mentally separated (the wise) in those last days will have the privilege to know and to do.

The Scriptures Locked and Hidden Until the End of the Age, the Great Apostasy, the Increase of Spiritual Knowledge

Daniel 12.4.

4. “But you Daniel, hide and lock away the words in this Scroll until the end of the age. *Many will apostatize, yet spiritual knowledge shall increase. (Spoken to Daniel by the Adamic man dressed in white linen about 425 BC.)

*Many will apostatize, yet spiritual knowledge shall increase (Daniel 12.4): Here we have perfect contrasting parallelism, which is meant to emphasize the two clauses: On the one hand, we have gazillions who mentally reject the truth and the true Khrist and embrace untruth and the fake one, but for a few their Scriptural knowledge will increase which will allow them to stand in the last days and not apostatize from the faith.

The Prophetical Scriptures Declared Locked Until the End of the Age, at Which Time Only the Wise Understand What Has Been Locked and Hidden in Them

Daniel 12.8-10

8. And I Daniel heard the man clothed in white linen speaking, but I did not understand him. And so, I said to him: “Please sir, tell me what the end of these events will be like?”

9. And he replied: “Go your way Daniel! For the teachings in this Scroll are hidden and locked away until the end of the age.

10. *Many will be spiritually purified, and they will be cleansed to whiteness, and they will be refined as into gold, but the lawless-minded will continue to think lawlessly. And none of the lawless will understand the prophesies regarding the last days of the age. But *the wise—they shall understand!”

*Many will be spiritually purified etc. (Daniel 12.10): This will occur down through the ages after the Lord dies on the Kross and is resurrected.

*the wise (Daniel 12.10): The wise are, of course, those who know the true Khrist. They are the Lord’s Chosen, the Elect, the Separated-Ones, the 7000, and the 144,000. They will understand about the Scriptures what a thousand-generations before them could not see, could not hear, and could not know.

That means one of the central ways we will know who they are is that their teachings will be strictly Khrist-centered, Scripture-centered, and they will be much, much different (even the opposite) of Kultic Khristianity’s teachings.

This must be the case because the Scriptures from the Prophets in the Old Contract to the Book that Reveals the Scriptures (Revelation) in the New Contract inform us that there will be but a tiny number who stand for the true Khrist in the last days. Therefore, it stands to reason that, if the teachings of the gazillions (Kultic Khristianity) are wrong, then the teachings of the few who stand must be correct and must be diametrically opposite to the Kult’s.

If the Lord lets us see those days and take part in them, we surely praise Him and thank Him for that. But if we are not here to see those times and take part in them, then let us leave a thread of knowledge that will help guide those who are alive at that time.

For the faith: Ruddy Adam

Photo by Hans-Peter Gauster on Unsplash

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