A Sentence on Lust

About Lust

German philosopher Schopenhauer wrote:

“Lust is the ultimate goal of almost all human endeavour, exerts an adverse influence on the most important affairs, interrupts the most serious business, sometimes for a while confuses even the greatest minds, does not hesitate with its trumpery to disrupt the negotiations of statesmen and the research of scholars, has the knack of slipping its love-letters and ringlets even into ministerial portfolios and philosophical manuscripts”.

Let’s speculate about lust before Adam. He is not the first man created, rather the last version of humankind.

“According to Greek mythology, humans were originally created with four arms, four legs and a head with two faces. Fearing their power, Zeus split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend their lives in search of their other halves.”
Plato, The Symposium

“and they shall be — the two — for one flesh; so that they are no more two, but one flesh;”
Mark 10:8

What we call sex (or intercourse, or copulation) in our epoch may have looked (or been looked at) quite differently in prior eons. Powerful enough to scare the prime-of-daemons. Splitting soulmates, Zeus has placed a sentence on the human race – this is what daemons do.

Separated from his female face (from his better, wiser part), the man grows less prudent. Prone to chimeras, delusional alternative realities, seduced by the infinite, the man begins to lust.

Lust is love of the void, an urge for the impossible, a thirst never quenched.

Lust is no human invention, no human feature, but a spell put on us. You cannot beat lust by being human and you’re only going to pile it up under the rug when trying to save the appearances.

Twisting on Dorian Gray’s story, you can filter lust from life. The paradigm is more complicated than it seems. In practice, no matter the art, no matter the music, no matter the lyrics, lust – like Jupiter’s magnetic field – will have two or more random bodies collide.

At this point, the initial despair in search of the soulmate becomes nothing but a simple excuse. The void rules over the minds while hearts turn to matt glass. Brittle.

Pheromones – irresistible chemical codes – fulfill the collapse. The casual collision.

Let’s try to purge pheromones out of the equation of lust.

Distance – the length of the space between two points. What daemons had split can be used to our own benefit. Art, music, poetry are offering us enough cognitive instruments to contain lust on a strictly emotional level.

Reading a book, listening to a song, watching a painting, photo or film, stirs passion and ignites feelings of desire even if you are alone, isolated on a cliff or in a desert. Your mind hallucinating through abysses and heights, blending ups with downs, goods with bads, white with blacks into a singular nonsense. The hormones of lust do this to your brain. Yet the pheromones, having no match to call, will die off like forgotten shadows on the sands.

Ghosts of the past, together with fantasies of the future, will keep haunting your mind until you’ll learn how to come to terms with yourself. It matters not if the media, the church, the street gossip, qualifies you as a ‘good person’ or not. It matters not what a hormone spike makes you feel, or think, or imagine. It matters not where a pheromone collision landed your genitals (medical consequences are off topic – ‘sin’ is not a medical/scientific term). It matters not how degenerate you become. It just matters not because what counts is the way your Creator looks at you. Studying the genealogy of His family, you’ll be surprised to discover that practically all sins (or deadly sins, according to the church) have been experimented at some point. And now you are family to Him yourself. No wonder you’re a ‘sinner’ – lucky you that He eradicated sin.

There is no luck, but God. There is no time, but an eternal present. There is no space, but a Singular Mind. His – where you belong and where ‘sin’ is not-even-a-notion.

Down to daily virtual reality now. Finding The soulmate is not a given, rather an exception. Society tried to patch this individual incapacity by laws and regulations. Any society – being prone to corruption by intrinsic nature – perverts laws and regulations. History marks the events when former kings and rulers were punished. However history won’t mark the moments when the regular guy is punished – this happens every day, many times a day.

The less significant a theme is, the more attention sticks to it. In extremis, intricate aspects of no importance arrive to define the person, while the simple essence is completely ignored. This is how society works.

A marriage ceremony is not a guarantee of matching two soulmates – it’s a human institution after all.

“for when they may rise out of the dead, they neither marry nor are they given in marriage, but are as messengers who are in the heavens.”
Mark 12:25

This passage is not about sex but about the human institution and regulations of marriage. Note please that at that time monogamy was not enforced like today. The law of the land was then polygyny (one husband, more wives). Marriage was more of an economical transaction, a political alliance or a social interest than love and sex – both the causes and the side effects of the institution of marriage. Interesting how society can exploit the core and turn it into collateral.

Lust, of course, still remains an undesired parameter, terribly hard to control by contractual terms.

Too much Fa(r)cebook.

Seriously, the number of people who spend all their relaxation time buried in that pile of steaming shite and ignoring their partner is just astounding, no wonder no intimacy happens….

Especially, I have to say it sorry, women. Many seem to spend much of their lives following all the other women they know, and thinking that everyone else lives a better life than them (while also themselves only posting the highlights of their own lives there, as glamorized as possible..).

From Slashdot – commenting on

Hubby provides me with lovely-to-acid quotations, with always-present consolation, with sweet-and-sour spermation and, last but not least, with my best-male-female-friend experience. The other day, I said to him “why don’t you try to perform on webcam, to see how it works, to give me first hand observation?” Am I up to something here? Time will tell.

Tulips, yesterday afternoon.

“I can resist anything except temptation.”

― Oscar Wilde, Lady Windermere’s Fan

2 thoughts on “A Sentence on Lust

  1. Doris your hubby knows the purest of beauty to capture with his camera. You are the prettiest sweetest flower in the garden. My life sensually can be trying at times since we care for a special needs son who we think is the dearest person in the world. Sensual times can be very rare but she knows we are one together for ever. I so enjoy your deep readings like today they and your actions every post show me when you find the right one sex is a wonderful treat but it is the daily love and caring that matters most…..you like me no matter what have a deep love for your spouse would so love to see him join you in front of the camera let the world see your deep love is happiness together.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. All my love to your entire family, Bill.
      Keeping stress out of the picture is always so important, especially when no easy to do.
      Wishing you, and all yours, a blessed and happy Sunday!!


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