God’s Creation is a Blessing

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God’s Creation is a Blessing: Atheistic Psychopaths and Scaly Reptiles Are the Only Creatures Who Don’t Appreciate God’s Nature

Psychopaths (all of whom are atheists) and scaly reptiles (which are very much alike) are the only creatures who don’t appreciate God’s nature. Psychopaths don’t relate to humans appreciating nature, its beauty, its order, or its contents (animals). They can’t understand that relationship, and hence have no interest in it. Remember that psychopaths think only of what they lust for. All of them have a lust (or more than one), and that lust is what their life is about.

This is one area I’ve noticed that psychopaths don’t even try to fake liking. In all others, they’ll try to blend in with normal people. But they scoff most especially at the animal kingdom. They have no interest in the plant and tree kingdoms, and nature’s scenery. Psychopaths would just as soon chop a beautiful tree down as spit, if it bothered them for some reason.

Amazingly, even most others like animals and trees and God’s nature, though they don’t believe He (or anyone else) created it. Illogical as they are and as illogical as that view is, quite naturally, leftists believe all the beauty and order in the heavens and the earth came about by happenstance.

What a blessing it is just being able to observe a part of the Lord’s animal kingdom, especially in their habitat. We truly appreciate it, and give Him double thanks for that gift.

The Yellow Crested Herons that nested out back last year are back in their same nest. At least two Herons are in it again. In the pine 50-feet to the left of their tree are two more. They are larger, much larger than the other two. These two are pure guardians.

They are so high up we can’t get a picture of the new ones, and the pine has grown so that we can’t get another pic of the two from last year. I’m sending the old pic out. They normally nest at least 35-feet up, and they perfectly blend in with Florida pines and oaks, and those are where they nest. Indigenous to this area, the Lord placed the pines and oaks here just for them.

The pine needles on the ground also serve as a place for ducks to take an afternoon nap. When other ducks fly over, they get as low to the ground as they possibly can, and we can hardly see them when we’re but a few feet away. If they stayed there when you were walking by, you would be hard-pressed to see them.

Because there is so much vegetation out back and across the bay, which means plenty of bird food and nesting places, Crows stop in during the spring before heading North. They love eggs! One was on the tree of our old birds the other day, and one of the Herons took off after it and popped the dickens out of it with its sharp beak. Ouch! That Crow was screaming for as far as we could see over the golf course across the bay. He never had a chance to get away that Heron was so fast.

We also have a very pleasant surprise this year: a possum that has produced two pups. We love possums, and they do the environment quite a bit of good, because they are some of the fiercest night hunters of creatures none of us like. Possums eat insects, mice, rats, snails, slugs, and especially love snakes. They are immune to all snake venom except that of the Coral snake. They will also eat trashy things that you put in your garbage, but they love the above things the best. They will not eat kittens. Nor will they bother dogs unless the dog goes after the possum, and then they usually hiss the dog away, unless it is an unusually vicious dog, and most are not. Possums are omnivorous.

The mother possum is used to us, and doesn’t even get excited when we take a peek at her. At first she would run away from her babies and make noise so we would chase her (misdirection). We didn’t. So she started staying with her pups.

We have a squirrel nest about 60-feet up in the pine to the far right, but we’ve not seen the squirrels going into it. They’re always running around out back, but they’re not here now, because the Herons do not like them even being on the same tree they’re on. The Herons will purse their feathers and the hair on their crowns will go up and down until the squirrels become perfectly still, or until they leave. Squirrels will get as close to the side of the pines as they can press themselves, and will stay perfectly still until the Herons leave, or they stop throwing a fit. Squirrels are deathly fearful of birds with beaks like the Heron’s.

In the mangroves across the bay this year, we have several nests of Great Blue Herons. We have some pictures of them, but none as good as the one below.

They come in two colors, the dark and light below. They don’t crossmate, but they do hunt together and nest close to each other.

We want to thank the Lord again for providing us with His most gorgeous creation.

The Squirrels in Florida

Photo by Anne Zwagers on Unsplash

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