4 thoughts on “MV Xposed

  1. So loved the interview. A beautiful look into your life and the deep love you and hubby have for each other. I can say that the way he photographs you and the way you both speak of sensual practices together is the best education for couples to learn to better know and deeper love each other. Now the face sitting is not for everyone but to me it is the sweetest way to show her she is the one that pleases you so exciting for both…..now the part about Army how come you never mention you was a vetern be proud of your sacrifice and service. As a U.S. Navy combat veteran I salute you we are brothers and sisters in service for life. Thank you for the beautiful story and thank you hubby for sharing her beauty with me.
    Have a great week my friends

    1. Oh, Bill, on my side of the wall -in what used to be known as the Ostblock- any gal at the university had to go in the Army, it was mandatory. One day every week, one month every summer. Last summer I skipped because of the honeymoon – before I could return to catch up and get my leftenant tiny little stars, the regime succumbed and gals were no longer forced in the Army. I had hubby to command anyways.
      All luv to you and, yes!, thank you for keeping the world free and helping mad regimes go down. Reagan had been a blessing to our youth back in 1989.

  2. A very inspiring and beautiful interview. Thank you for sharing a little bit about you that we didn’t know. You are very fortunate lady, wife and mother in a nurturing relationship.
    We both wish you continued love and happiness.🌼❤️
    Thank you.❤️

    Jan&Gary 😘XO💋

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