Sci-fi Sex Parodies

Clips4Sale has launched a promo for May the 4th, the Sci-fi day. Hectically approaching the topic, I first filmed ‘SpermGun Splotch, Episode 1’ which catches a glimpse of Dune – sexualizing the spice spitting huge dick-worms.

A week later, came another hectic filming, this taking the parody closer to planet earth: a classic retro vintage UFOs invasion that a gal must deal with in ‘SpermGun BangBang Lick, Episode 2’ aka ‘Shoot ’em Up!’ — a crazy redneck-ish down-to-earth Barbarella parody.

‘Give it to Me!’ is the fluent way into ‘The SpermGun – Episode 3’ where all bets are off, all aliens down, threats aside, and the valiant gal holds her sex slave at gunpoint, until she comes, he comes, everyone cums. What a parody!

So much for the comic side of things. Check out the video links because tomorrow we’re gonna get serious.

Filming for ‘The SpermGun’ Episodes 2 & 3.

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