9 thoughts on “Some Wore Shoes

  1. I could tell the same, not all housewife/slaves stay fully nude, my master give me a classic apron, but not shoes. So he point of my role and I feel more humiliated by that simple subservient role than wearing not shoes. No only, I love to work barefoot in the garden, loving the nature and I feel really better in barefoot lifestyle, enyoing well nature

  2. oh yes! he loves to watch my esitation when soil is too hard, sometimes a thorn is very painful….

      1. oh yes I have, thank you! But don’t worry, I live almost always barefoot, so my soles are really tough. I can feel the rough surfaces but it doesn’t hurt my soles, thank you!

  3. I definitely wear shoes! My Google research says there was a girl’s Olympics: the Festival of Hera where they competed with one breast exposed and were allowed to watch the men’s games. Sounds so hot to me, women showing up to watch me compete fully naked, though if you showed up like this it would be very distracting!

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