Christopher Walken Appreciation

Here’s a new film post by Ruddy Adam. Enjoy!

Not many good actors left, folks. No good showmen. Christopher Walken may be the last man standing, especially if Hollywood takes Jon Voight out for being for Bamboom.

Walken is multi-talented. A trained dancer and sometime singer, his acting is legendary. Here are a few scenes where he shows his stuff. He’s worth appreciating, and I have no idea who could take his place in films. I love his phrasing. I think it makes him, as it has a lot of great actors.

Christopher Walken “The Lion Speech”

Christopher Walken “Dance Moves” (4:45)

Walken: “You know who I am?”

Hopper: “I give up. Who are you?”

Walken: “I’m the Antichrist. You got me in a vendetta kind of mood.

You tell the angels in heaven you’ve never seen the evil singularly personified

in the face of the man who killed you.”

Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper “True Romance” scene that Quentin Tarantino says is the best he’s ever written.

“You got enough light? Might be blood. You don’t wanna miss any.”

“In the time it takes for you to get a hard-on, she could simonize a car, learn Hebrew.”

Too many good lines in this one.

Christopher Walken “All American Murder”

Publicity photo of Christopher Walken in stage play, Hurlyburly.

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