This the question, with summer storming in. When to sugar wax my Haarvotze — so much appreciated throughout the German speaking Middle Europe.

Anyway, I can tell that the hairs grow back smoother and slower, which I enjoy. All I have to do is plan. Oh, and buy some sugar, because we don’t use that poison in the kitchen — only external use on the skin, in brown caramel balls. The browner the better. Read more about Sugar Waxing.

Until then, enjoy my Haarvotze — the spring grow!

Have I got a hairy pussy? — asks a friend today. Sure, have a look!


4 thoughts on “Haarvotze?

  1. Hairy or sugar stripped you are so beautiful and sexy either way….with your full bush I call it natures beautiful bikini…..is hubby going to do the sugar treatment for you I know I would do it for you.
    Happy sensual squaring day

  2. Hi Our Darling Doris:

    We love you either way. We are longtime smoothies and enjoy it that way as do many of our nudist friends. We both shave, sometimes each other. You are a naturally lovely lady but would love to see you as a smoothie.

    Jan&Gary πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹β€οΈ

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