A Trip Through Taboos: Yo’ Anus.

The anus is a taboo point. Awkwardly amusing wit works, to some extent, but never next to educated opinions. Until you get to fifty and your doc talks to you about certain preventive investigations. Preventive and regular – this the point. And because of the taboo, you gotta figure that out. How the control arrives to your prostate. By a finger, from the inside. From where, by the inside? From a finger in the anus. There you go.

“What?? Wonders the straight man in stupor. Me getting fucked in the ass?”

No, no, no, that’s taboo, ya know. It’s just a control, a simple procedure, performed by a professional with a glove, a sterilized glove. A rubber glove, that is.

“Aha! So now it’s all about rubber up my ass, eh?”

Nothing sexual, just a medical screening.

“Screening, you say? So we’ve got rubber, or vinyl, wrapping a finger that’s supposed to screen my ass. Sounds so very much as a fetish, a sexual fetish that I’ve watched in the porn out there. Let me google some.”

The proud man figures that time has come, his ass is about to be humiliated, exposed, penetrated, fingered!

Shall he keep this under the wraps?, covered by pertinent terminology, conveyed in cold, as in unfriendly, rooms by an unknown person, well – professional person.

A cold finger up your ass – to put it straight.

Comes a sudden gaiety to mind. Every one has gotta have it, that finger – or thing – up yo’ ass. How about making it fun and healthy?

Among the first stops from googling, you land in a field full of toys. Of sex toys. Anal plugs and dildos. Gets you thinking about Freud, because your personal memories are buried deep under the cortex. The anus is the primary erogenous zone. Hm, you dick! Have you always stayed in the way?

Convincing your loved one to ‘play the doc’ is the logical next step, after googling, documenting, studying the shapes of toys, pondering how gay you are. Or how far from straight you may bend.

With Doris on board, comes the lubrication matter. “Olive oil!” – says she, already running for the bottle. “We use olive oil at everything.” Well, almost. “Remember when you massaged me? All my body, dipping your hands in olive oil then caressing every inch of me. Oh, I loved it. And I think I’ll need a new one. Are you game for a new one?”

“Sure, darling. Just that it burns. It burns! Stop pushing that thing in me before you read the user’s guide.”

“Ah, so. Use only water soluble lubricants. Ugh, olive oil is no water soluble lubricant. Shy. How about soap then?”

“That burns like hell, and it lasts longer.”

“How do you know that?”

“Practice, dear. Trial and error.”

“Then let me get to that jar filled with coconut oil.”

To cut it short: coconut oil is the thing! Try organic cold pressed coconut oil because that’s softer than butter – not that I’d tried butter.

Getting pegged is an euphemism for getting your ass fucked. Yes, it’s a she using a dick on your soft side. But it’s nevertheless a dick penetrating you from behind. Let’s be honest: this is gay. And I loved it. More than I expected to.

Doris goes hasty, especially the first time. Twas a huge – like in yuuge but double – cock attached to her strapon. It made no inroads, other than scaring us both, reminding her of the anatomy class and making me wonder if I can try my mouth on it, how deep till my tonsils? Do I still have my tonsils?

We agreed to order a modest measure, specially designed for the anus. Kind of a longer finger. No phthalates.

This second synthetic penis went swiftly in me, all the way to its flat and round basic plastic, hidden behind the forging front of her strapon.

It took me quite some time to get familiar with the new experiences, the new sensations. Not as much as sexual, more like vulnerability, total trust in Doris and her hands, her pushes, her mercy.

When fucked in the ass you are physically and emotionally laying open. At her mercy.

Second to few, these are part of the most uplifting moments of my life. Giving up control. Giving myself up!

My Pierced Pride

Told you, nothing sexual. The anus is not a sexual organ. Emotional spot? You bet.

Feeling and walking like a woman, I return to my life, to deal with var bugs in the code, to fix that or upgrade this. I get lost in translations. A day or two, or three, after – I dunno how, I dunno what, I dunno why.

But a pleasurable warmth awakens the neurons around my anus. A silent music builds up. Up and around my thorax. Up into the left hemisphere of my brain, behind the ear. Why the left? Dunno.

The waves – because the signals come in waves – introduce me to a novel world of sensations. As a straight man, I never figured that something stronger than the roar of ejaculation, something more complete than streaming your sperm out of you in a couple of seconds, something beyond all that tense-the-arrow, blow-the-cannon, might exist. I was straight wrong!

Rushing to ask Doris, to find the words, to tell her, she smiles and concedes: “You’re a woman now.”

Thank heavens. And I love it.

If you think of chemistry, then this is correct, because serotonin and dopamine and oxytocin are the chemicals naturally travelling through my body in sufficient amounts to turn me on, dunno when, dunno how, dunno why. Days after she had me pegged.

If you consider only chemistry then you are wrong, because practice will teach you how to deal away with the sexual connotations of prostate awakening. Thus, you come to discover new territory, unexplored realms, extracorporeal experiences. You’ll dive in meditation, or through meditation further (or farther) astray. Pray if you wish for a parachute, because there are heights and abysses out and above.

Sharing this with a close friend. He finds it hard to believe, but he trusts my words and affirms: “others pay solid money for drugs to take them there and you’re telling me that all you’ve paid for was a dildo and a strapon around Doris’ waist?” Well, two dildos, no, let me count, three dildos. Yes. Three dildos and a strapon for Doris.

Doris says: “I wasn’t expecting to see him take the garbage out so often, if at all, before. Now he does dishes, and laundry. He’s more responsive and more understanding, listening to me instead of pretending to listen, as before. I love him even more since I’ve turned him gay.”

I say that what I’ve lost behind is my pride. Doris pierced it with a dildo. No, three dildos. And her determination.


Subnotes: About the Tomorrow Sex Tape; Cock Sucking Pegged Hubby.  

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

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