Shifting a Paradigm

Shifting a paradigm.

Let’s focus on the logo first. A new graphic design giving a contrast to my website. The cougar staring down from an old tree? Three bunnies sniffing danger? Like in a life of perpetual anxiety? A woman, maturing, understands that she cannot live in fear, anymore, and that, look, there’s the courage, up on that branch. Grab it!

The shoes then. My velvety black high heels. If I walk in them on the street, they’ll give me acute feet aches. This is why I use them only for posing, or filming. Flirting — it’s even written inside them: BODY FLIRT. What a telling brand. In this photo, however, I let them to rest, opting for my pink plastic slippers. They say, according to certain statistics, that around 3/4 of fetish consumers love high heels (that’s been always trendy, the touching opposites: male heel and female opening, elevating each other) while the remaining 1/4 would feast on Birkenstock, slippers, flip-flops and the likes. Who knew?

The little white chair, for gardening. I turned it into a tiny podium. From sitting down, to dig, to standing up, to show. Do I look like a living statue? Did I wish to? While posing, in my mind, I was playing a tune, rhythmic measured moves, like continuing my morning gym, this time in front of the camera. I wasn’t expecting to look like a statue. Though I don’t dislike the photo above. Not at all.

See? Just a photo, picked out of a sitting, early today, before the neighbors would bring another working team, before the clouds would chill the air, before a storm. And this photo brought about three paradigm shifts.

  1. The mother and wife, keeping her anxiety in check with a feline instinct.
  2. The shoe fetish exploring non-shoes, admitting happy domesticity next to public glamour.
  3. The muscle workout unexpectedly sorting out to a more epic pose, if not majestic.

But this week began with an unprecedented public offer. Not in decades of a comparable magnitude. Yet everyone on the street, in the parlors, is talking about nothing. Hot air. Air? What comes after it?, equally and separately. And who cares?

2 thoughts on “Shifting a Paradigm

  1. Our Dear Darling Doris:

    Love the logo and your interpretation. The perfect way to look at life. I’m older than Gary, so you might say, I’m a bit of a cougar. Plus I get looks from younger men that give me a bit of a turn on as well as boost in my sexy confidence. I know Gary likes that, too.
    Love high heels, too. They are so very sexy. But like you my feet ache, too. Love posing for Gary with them on. But both of us love your comfy slippers, too. You are sexy either way, lovely lady.
    Love your white chair and your pose. You are our Venus, Darling Doris and you bring a sexy smile to both of us.
    And love the fact that our Venus…Doris is naked, as that is nicest way a beautiful lady like you should pose and live. Of course, we being long time nudists, are little biased.

    Lots of Love

    Jan&Gary πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’‹

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