Morning Sun #ThonglessThursday

It’s about nostalgia, the fetish of nostalgia. Wearing a brand new Kult Kittel from the former German Democratic Republic, I pose as a housemaid and, getting tired of the chores, I play the bored housemaid getting caught during a break.
Doing work that doesn’t exactly feels like work — this another fetish idea. Not exactly straight forward yet refreshing nevertheless.

Ah, on Twitter there’s a new hashtag to follow: #ThonglessThursday – there you go. Never mind that the photos and the video come from Monday morning.

Hard light title – a morning sun.

HouseMaid Gets Caught Masturbating 

This Monday morning, after dusting a window outdoors, I move inside to -yes- dust another window. Especially enjoying the nice and crisp sensation of this new -out of the box- Kult Kittel on my skin. This because I wear nothing underneath. Ah, getting busy in this corner, how about I take a little break. Ya know, the masturbation morning break. Let him film me while at it, if he loves getting close, and closer to my erect clit, to my fingers pulling my labia, pressing my love button. Ahh, I love touching myself. Almost, almost there, cumming yet… a little bit… cumm— Whoops, who’s coming there? The house master!! I got caught! Caught masturbating at work. Oh, hello! Never mind. Let me button up and dust again. Similar videos: ‘The French Maid Makes Fabulous Discovery’ on page 17, ‘A Masturbation Under the Table’ on page 13, and many more.

6 thoughts on “Morning Sun #ThonglessThursday

  1. The morning sun makes the already most beautiful flower in the garden the highlight of the neighborhood so sweet in full bloom
    Hugs sweet flower

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  2. Alone, dreaming a man watching me during my chores, usually do naughty things with a man…
    A man as Christopher Walken? Why not! After an hard work we deserve a well dream masturbating!

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  3. In a film I watched Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and I was out of my head! Some times my hard work day job was very easy imaging to be watched by him, And that was more and more intriguing with my master, so I had more and more reason to be spanked….Therefore my husband find every time easily some excuses for punishing me, but so I appreciate more my spankings. So during the spankings I dream Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and I really enjoy my nude bum bounce and burn during the slaps….

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