A Cooling World

A new piece from Ruddy Adam on climate change, scams and such.

Refuting the Lies and Scams of the Warmers: The World is Much Cooler Than They’re Claiming

The Warmers are making an all-out attack on the citizens of the world, trying to convince them that the planet is boiling over hot. They’re lying and they’re scamming. Fear sells, folks, and that’s what the weather media are selling—fear that what is truly a well-managed planet temperature-wise is heating up to a dangerous boiling point.

First, every year our cities get hotter. But it has nothing to do with humans causing global warming. City Councils keep letting developers build higher and bigger buildings because they are a bunch of greedy bastards who want more tax dollars. This is the only human-induced global warming that’s going on. The Warmers love this, because it gives them a place to make their global warming claims by extrapolating those city temps onto the entire planet. Which is a true and very blatant argumentative fallacy.

Temps 10-miles away from cities it’s a little cooler to a lot cooler this year, but that runs in trends, as weather does. However, to get the extremely hot temperatures that the Warmers are putting out they’re doing even more than reporting city temps and ignoring the rest-of-the-land temps. They’re briar-picking places like LA, which is desert, where the summer temps always blow through 100-degrees, and they’re doing things like putting their gauges right in the middle of the hottest sections where there are buildings (and often on top of buildings!!). They’ve been caught running trucks beside their gauges to force them to register even higher. Most people are so naïve regarding how deceitful the Warmers are that they could not imagine they are doing such things to deceive them—but that’s what they’re doing.

Second, another thing they do is a purely psychological attack on the senses. They may have average estimates of the high temp in an area at 88- to 92-degrees. They’re always going to use the highest one. The temps rarely reach the highest estimate, however. But it is hot, because summers are hot. So, that high temp, which they may claim is a record, sticks in the minds of listeners. People love to complain about the weather, and they rarely say anything good about it. By using the highest estimates in their reporting the day before, whether they reach that number or not (and they usually do not), the idea of a super-hot temp is seared into people’s minds, because the weather people never correct their constantly incorrect predictions.

Third, the Left is in a state of fear because of Bamboom, who knows they are running a hoax on the world. So, they’ve pinpointed this summer to make their case for a boiling hot world. It’s all a huge scam! It’s going to go on all summer and into the Fall, because there’s a mid-term election in the US. Pay this craziness no attention.

Fourth, and finally, the Ever-Living set our solar system (which includes our planet) on auto-pilot after the last time He brought about a cataclysmic event for the purpose of changing the earth several thousand years ago. Since that time the earth’s weather, its oceans, and its continents have been well-managed and -controlled for the purpose of humans, plants, and animals to live on. The weather is set to fluctuate and run in trends. Humans will not and cannot change this to any dangerous degree. And no matter what a bunch of atheistic evolutionists and other cynics claim, none of this is going to change to any dangerous degree until 1000-years after the Lord returns.

Here are the real temps in places they claim are warming. You’ll see that they are not, and in fact are slightly cooler to much colder than normal.

Photo by Carlos Bretón on Unsplash

Surface Temps as Best We Can Measure Them Are at Record Lows.

Arctic Sea Ice Higher than in Previous Years.

It’s well past the time that Greenland’s ice-shelf begins its summer melt, but it’s been so cold there it’s not yet begun.

Sea Ice Volume is Higher than Normal.

The Cool Troposphere: One of the Places the Warmers Scream about is the “Warming Troposphere,” But as Usual They’re Lying. You Can See Below That at 25000-FT Altitude the Troposphere is Running Even Cooler Than It Has Been the Last 10-Years.

For the truth and against lies, distortions, and scams: Ruddy Adam.



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