Feeding You

You’ve asked me to feed you, showing me the way, the pose, the angle.
When you ask, I listen.

It goes my way.
It poses as I wish to stand, and move, and shake, and press.
There is an angle to it too, of course.

You‘ve gotta watch it all first, then write me back.
Tell me how you’ve been sucking my pussy, how your tongue kept slapping my clit, how you were feeding on my juices. Tell me everything!

Face sitting is a fetish that brings me unexpected pleasures. These days, I’ve been introduced — by a fan photo — to a new thing. I don’t know how to call it, in which box to place it.

A bit of face sitting, yet I’m standing. One leg firm on the floor, the other up over the bed, or a chair. This allows my slave to crawl under me, to raise his head between my legs, to make repeated efforts in reaching my pussy. To lick, to suck, to slap, to slurp, to feed.

Is this face feeding? Many things would go by that expression.

What is this to me?
You tell me.

13 thoughts on “Feeding You

  1. So beautiful to be your obedient submissive pleasure toy….no matter the position you use to feed me sweetness I would so enjoy pleasuring you….the sweet scent with your love petals between my lips nibbling and pulling and slipping tongue where you command enjoying your moans of pleasure not stopping until I enjoy the reward of your very sweet orgasm you so want……oh yes please freed me such sweetness
    Sending you sweet licks of pleasure

  2. Dear Darling Doris:

    We both love your sexiness.πŸ”₯πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜

    Jan&Gary πŸ˜˜β€οΈπŸ’‹πŸ˜‹πŸ‘…

  3. Interesting, intriguing and finally dominating! What sexy way to have control and the pleasure in that moment! With that kiss I can note satisfaction in your face! Great!

  4. I hope you make the same with him…….my man usually snap fingers and quickly his slut run on knees blowing him….

    1. Like, for instance, here http://videos.southern-charms.com/single.php?video_id=36517

      After consuming our morning foreplay in bed, that brought me to a pleasant paroxysm, I tell him that we should move upstairs, in front of the window. He must fix his camera on the tripod, and fast, while I’m still horny! Thus begins our video: with me kissing his dick and balls, breathing the hairy hormones between his legs. I’m happy to present you how I know to deal with yet another facial, sitting on my knees, masticating and swallowing his semen (close ups), then spreading the cum left on my nose and neck. Finally, I’m gonna suck him dry. Pleasure was all mine! All?! πŸ™‚

  5. I really love it, you are so spontaneous and sexy. I love blow my man, but only because I feel him satisfait and happy in his pleasure, I love try to tease him. But i don’t like too much the taste of semen, but he likes me as his slut so I have to serve him in all needs. He loves cum on my face, I accept it, but I feel it humiliating, so he seem love my forced smile….licking well his semen cleaning well his penis, gosh!

    1. Tasting sperm is not for the faint of heart, ahem. I’d say it’s a learned taste, as it reflects what you’ve been feeding him. Like broccoli, onion and garlic combined give it a rather metallic taste, bit of heavy and difficult to accommodate with. However, ananas and other fruit make his sperm taste better. Yet sugars, bakery and meats ruin all the pleasure.
      Also, if he drinks lots of water, like 3-4 liters a day, makes the clumps smooth out to an homogeneous lovely sperm to play with in your mouth. Oh, and regular milking, of course. A crazy idea that I’ve used once in a while is having sperm as a dressing, or instead of coffee cream. Think I’ve written about this in another post, Sporting Sperm, where I suggest to use sperm as a skin care solution whenever you don’t feel like wishing to ingest it —

  6. that is! My man thinks cum is better than skin care cream for a fresh and young skin, so he loves force me to stay with cum in my face, disgusting when it is drying on my face. But he is cruel, if he find some cum on floor he orders to lick it!!

    1. Gianna that is definitely cruel. Sounds like he wants to be a strict master. Would never have anyone lick it off the floor. Cum is best fresh to massage on then take you in the shower to wash your whole body.
      If I was you man or master whichever he considers himself would command you to lick it off me or yourself then properly clean you.
      Cum is a sweet treat to be enjoyed not gross you out

      1. Yes Bill, but usually blow my man on knees, and he softly sit on sofa, so when he cum on my face I’m the one to pay attention not wasting cum on floor from my face, so if he finds his fruits on floor i have to clean it. Not always, sometimes. Sometimes he asked me to clean with tongue, as a sex game, not forced me in doing it. I dislike it in that moment, but I loved his satsfaction on his face. And yes, hubby is my master, my King, I love to be his slave.

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