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Video with Some Excellent Info and Studies to Go Along with It Regarding Cutting Your Food Cravings


Most often, these type of videos use only anecdotal evidence to prove the value of the product they’re promoting. Which means they’re backed up only by John and Mary and the author or proponent of the product telling you this or that miracle substance has changed their lives—and yes, even saved their lives! This is what I call promotional evidence that relies entirely on personal testimonies, which can be easily distorted or manipulated. When you see that type of video, when you discover you’re reading that type of promotional evidence to convince you of a thing or a position—get out of it quickly and delete it. For as a rule, it’s a con, it’s a fraud, it’s a lie.

Promotional evidence is quite different from objective, independently researched evidence brought about by several scientific methods, such as long-term placebo-controlled studies, or long-term studies on the health of people who use certain products or do not use them, such as cigarettes. Evidence in other matters can be several other things, such as public documents, which I once used to show that a psychopath was lying in a case against a company I was president of.

But anecdotal evidence (promotional evidence) is much like using majority opinion or hasty generalizations to prove a case. Anyone attempting to do so loses points and lots of credibility toward making his argument.

However, this video has a lot of studies to go along with it, plus some very good information, and we can obtain the product promoted from LifeX at better prices. Granted, some of the studies Gundry points out do not exactly go along with what he’s claiming. He is I would venture to say, slightly slick in some cases. The case becomes one of common sense, which is this: If you threw out every exaggeration every salesman stated to you, you would never buy anything.

Nonetheless, there’s enough objective evidence to make a case that prebiotic bacteria affect some of our food cravings. Indeed, there are millions of bacteria in our bowels, and they are all in charge of affecting different things in our bodies. LifeX has prebiotic bacteria that affect mood, the immune system, and the overall health of the body. Therefore, that case is settled.

I chose this video to inform folks about prebiotics, because it has a lot of good information along with it. For example, finally, here is someone from the medical community that tells the truth about the Gluten Hoax. It is at best grossly overblown, and at worse, a complete hoax perpetuated on people who tend to accept negatives out of hand. Gundry also provides good information on bread, which I’ve passed along over the years. E.g., brown bread is just as bad (perhaps worse) for you as white bread.

The studies come late in the video, so hang on. You have to let him ramble a bit, and too, he’s an atheistic evolutionist. That is one of the negatives in the video, and some of the research is based on evolution. Bacteria do not take two-years to rebuild in your gut. (A tale much like the one the fanatical vegans have promoted by claiming red meat does not digest for a year. They then had to drop that to six-months. Now, they’re down to weeks—and even that’s a damned lie.) If they it took two-years to rebuild your intestinal bacteria—you would die during that time. Nuts!

The comparison to your gut bacteria and a rainforest is cute, but it’s a false comparison, although it does make a limited amount of sense in specific cases, but not overall. There are millions of species in forests (as there are in your intestines), but forest fires feed the grounds of those forests (as do proper trimming and pruning), and they grow back stronger. That doesn’t seem to be the case with our intestinal bacteria when they’re blasted with antibiotics, but they do grow back over a much shorter time than two-years.

You cannot kill all the bacteria in your gut, because you’re constantly making them. After having taken antibiotics, however, it is a good idea to take both some pre- and probiotics to help rebuild your intestines faster.

Gundry is correct about the night-shade plants, and potatoes are not only not grown from seed (a Scriptural requirement!), but every potato in existence is a hybrid. I doubt he knows this, but the original, one single plant was initially toxic to humans. Genetic studies show that over 800-types have come from that one original, which the Spanish discovered 450-years ago in South America that hogs were digging up and eating. (Hogs have killer enzymes and they enable them to eat just about anything, which they are designed to do. They are living, walking sewers. Humans are not! At least they’re not supposed to be.)

The Spaniards took that one potato back to Spain to feed their hogs, after testing it on humans only to discover that it was toxic to them. Later on, some nerd-head decided to breed the toxins out and create a tater-bug that humans could eat. That was how we got Irish and sweet potatoes, and all others. Enjoy!

Contrary to Gundy’s claims in the video regarding beans, Ezekial 4.9 also informs us that both wheat and beans are edible foods. (The Creator speaking: “As for you, Ezekial, take wheat, barley, beans, lentils, millet, and spelt, put them in a single container, and make food from them for yourself.” Ezekial 4.9) In other words, a stew. It is possible that due to human-engineered seed-mixing that we have perverted beans and many other vegetables into being somewhat harmful to us, but until that is shown to be true, we are recommending that you continue eating beans.

As far as wheat goes, that too has been seed-mixed by humans, but it is nevertheless the flour (and leaven) that is made from wheat that boosts blood sugar levels and binds with fat in the body to tack that fat onto our waists and elsewhere. Remember that fat itself is inert. It cannot bind by itself. So, avoid flour as much as you can. That’s what makes you feel better when you start avoiding gluten; the gluten just happens to be in the flour that is poisoning us.

Records show that the ancient Greeks, Isrealites, and Romans made wheat in a far different manner than we do today. They sometimes stone ground their wheat. They often roasted it in olive oil and vinegar, discarding the husks and eating the fruit in its original state. Other times they dipped it in wine, olive oil, or vinegar, after roasting it. (“At mealtime Boaz said to Ruth: `Come over here. Have some food and dip it in the vinegar.’ After she sat down with the grain-harvesters, he offered her some roasted grain. She ate all she wanted and saved what was left.” Ruth 2.14)

The Scriptures also provide us information on how the ancient Isrealites cooked their grains. (“Every grain offering that is baked in the oven or fried in the pan or cooked on the grill belongs to the priest who presented it. Every grain offering, whether mixed with olive oil or dry, belongs in equal shares to all the sons of Aaron.” Leviticus 7.9-10)

So then, grains, barley, beans, lentils, millet, oats, spelt, and wheat are all good for us, when we eat them in the manner that the ancients did, without leaven and flour. Otherwise, try your best to keep these foods to a minimum in your diet. The breads they ate had a texture much like a saltine cracker. Not soft and fluffy and filled with sugar and leaven as our breads today are.

Be patient! This one’s worth going through. Pay no attention to the sales pitch at the end, claiming this is the greatest form of prebiotic on the planet. Choose LifeX! Theirs are, as always, well-researched and well-put-together.

Again, the main point to get is that the bacteria in our intestines affect our mood, our immune systems, our overall health, and often the foods we crave. Although the bad bacteria cannot overrun the good, it is still worthwhile to take certain pre- and probiotics every so often. LifeX has what you need in that respect.

For your health: Ruddy Adam

Video with Studies and Info to Go Along with It

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Note: No one here receives any compensation, kickbacks, points, cheaper products or anything else from LifeX. And no one ever will.

We merely have tested their products, and they have proven as pure and as close to what they say they are as is possible. We have been with LifeX for over thirty-years, and everyone here promises that this outfit works constantly to improve their products, to make them cheaper, and to make them so that they keep us as healthy as possible. There is not now, nor has there ever been an organization like LifeX. Treasure it! Be grateful that you know about it!

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

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