A #PussyMoustache

Today, finally, came the day to wax away — the air strip, ya know.

Where I stopped, had to, on the edge of my labia, is the frontier of my #pussymoustache.

Experts would call it a pencil-thin moustache.

The design, however, would look like a horseshoe moustache.

Now, I don’t know much about styling a moustache.

What would you teach me?

Styling My Moustache?

How about adding a tad of dye?

Until then, have a look at my today’s pussy moustache photos on ManyVids and on my CougarBunnies site.

Pencil-thin moustache?

2 thoughts on “A #PussyMoustache

  1. Dear Doris, Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful moustached pussy.
    Always a pleasure to voyeur you!


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